November 7, 2019


Ladispoli, Italy


Sorella Maylin Erickson

la casa del Signore

Ciaooooooo carissimi. How are yall?? Lol yall thought I was just lazy again and didn't write a group email but ya wrong!! Here I am!! We had to change our pday to today because we're going to the temple (!!!!!!!!) so it was kind of a grind waiting to have pday until Thursday but hey ya do what ya gotta do to go to the temple am I right?

Okay so this week was full of so much stuff I dont even remember. Halloween!!! We had a lit party with our ward and we were asked to help decorate some of it which we did. Thanks to my awesome mamma and her skills we somehow managed to make cobwebs (they actually turned out great). The party was a huge success there were so many members there AND like all of our people we are teaching came and everyone from English course. Needless to say it was poppin.

And then here comes the real party. Okay so we have this couple we are teaching that we have been wanting to take to the temple right? Right. So finally we find a day where we can both go and a member drives them up to the temple and we meet them there. All is well in zion right? Wrong. First of all our dude shows up with a cigar in his hand and he proceeds to carry it literally the whole day around the temple piazza and then he pulls out a bottle of wine during lunch 😂😂 so we have some discussions to have hahahaha. Lol they also decided to bring like 3 friends (which yes in any other case would have been a literal dream) buuuut in this unfortunate case one of their friends they brought kept telling us we weren't christian because we don't believe in the holy trinity. (yes this was after seeing the giant Cristus statue in the visitors center) lol. So we finally find a moment alone with our people and we were talking about baptism because we really felt they were ready to commit to it. We invited them to be baptized and one of them said that it is something he would like to do but the other said absolutely not. Hah she's already been baptized into another church so we will keep working with that but it was cool!! It shows no matter how many obstacles get thrown your way to try and hinder your work you can truly always find a way to do it anyways. So that was an interesting day.

In other interesting news we got rained on a lot this week. Like drenched. Head to toe soaking wet. Also I made it this far without a coat!! I finally bought one today and shes nice. Fancy italian wool and all the jazz. We had a dinner appointment with one of our English course students whom we have been trying to teach for a while and it went great! She made us gnocchi and also bought us scarves 😂❤️

I know this is already long buuuut we also had another lesson with Marvis and mercy and we invited them to pray about baptism and they were so open to it. They truly are so amazing. I love them with all my heart and I am so thankful for the opportunity I have to help them to come to this knowledge of happiness and eternal families.

Love to all!!!

Ciao ciao,

Sorella nelson


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