October 21, 2019


Ladispoli, Italy


Sorella Maylin Erickson

la pecora nera

Ciaooooooo my friends and my family.

Okay so time is literally flying by now. This week literally was like 2 seconds long what. It was a great week though!! We had some really awesome miracles and an amazing lesson. So a couple weeks ago I told yall about Marvis that referral we got that we tried finding but we got lost but then by the good grace of God we found him?? Okay so him. We had a lesson on Saturday with him and HIS FAMILY. literally what. The good Lord blessed us with a family to teach!! I'm so excited I love them so much 😊 theyre from Nigeria and they gave 2 babies who are just so adorable. His brothers are members in Nigeria and they are the ones who sent us his info. They really are missionaries lol they keep telling Marvis that he needed to meet with us and we finally were able to! It was weird teaching in English not gonna lie, but it was also pretty cool. It was one of the most amazing lessons I have taught on my mission. They were asking amazing questions and they even kind of invited themselves to church lol I'm not mad 😂 so that was amazing! I'm so excited for them.

Also we played soccer this week with the young women. That was so fun! The young women here are so strong and they are amazing! Also the ward here really does have a missionary mindset. They are incredible. Life in Ladispoli is pretty dang incredible. We went and ate lunch on the black sand beach and it was literally amazing! I love life here 😊

Love you allllll so much! Hope yall have a great week and feel the love of God and then share it! Vi voglio tanto bene!!

Ciao ciao, Sorella nelson


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