October 14, 2019


Ladispoli, Italy


Sorella Maylin Erickson

Hold up...

Ciaooooooo! Well this week went by so fast, I feel like I was just writing an email yesterday lol. Ladispoli is doing awesome! My companion and I set goals basically to expect miracles in the work, have faith to see people progress, and be BOLD. let me tell ya I'm pumped. We had a referral we were trying to go contact and all we had was a number that didn't work, and an address. The address was about a couple towns away, so we took a train and tried to go find the one! (the Lord does His work one by one ya know what I'm saying) anyways we finally find this guy's house and we didn't see his name on the outside anywhere. We were stressin. Haha we really were starting to get frustrated and we didn't know what to do so we decided to say a prayer and hope for the best. We said one of the most faith filled prayers I've ever said in my life, and the next doorbell we rang the lady told us that he moved and she gave us the name of the grocery store where he works. Basically tender mercy after tender mercy, we find this tiny grocery store! We walked in and decided to be bold with him and turns out the first guy we saw working at the register was our guy! We started talking to him and turns out he has a wife and a daughter AND he invited us to meet with him this next week! I'm so pumped! We set high goals to find new people to teach, and because we had the faith to find them, the Lord led us into their hands. I love it! Truly I feel like an instrument in the Lord's hands and it feels so good 😊

Today for p day we did a Rome trip and went and saw all the classics! It was awesome but I felt like a tourist.... Haah also so many members from America would walk by and say "hi sisters!" and then would proceed to tell us how lucky we were to serve in Italy (hehe yes very true very true). But it was weird to be talked to in English by American members! My brain couldn't handle it lol.

During my studies this week I found a quote that I love a lot that I want to share with yall:
"Because we love the people we serve, all of us want to do better in lifting our Heavenly Father’s children to the faithfulness and purity they need to have all the blessings of the Lord. … You begin by holding up the Lord’s standards clearly and without apology. And the more the world drifts from them and mocks them, the bolder we must be in doing that”

Hold em up folks. Amen.

Sorella Nelson


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