October 7, 2019


Ladispoli, Italy


Sorella Maylin Erickson


Ciao ciao friends and family! This week was literally CRAZYYYY. but it was transfer week what do you expect?? Hah okay so to start off I had to leave the beautiful Cagliari to come to Ladispoli! It's a little beach city right on the west side of Rome. So im back on the mainland! I'm not gonna lie I was totally not expecting to leave Cagliari that fast, but the Lord called me to Ladispoli so here I am! It's been a crazy couple of days, but I'm starting to get used to Ladispoli. We literally live right on the beach! From our study room you can see the black sand and the whole ocean. I love it. Also yes Ladispoli has nothing but black sand beaches so that's pretty awesome!

The work here was poppin cause the only missionaries in the whole city were the sorelle, but now there's anziani here that came in with me and so we had to give all of the men we were teaching over to them lol. So we gotta find some elect women! Haha it's been good though. I met a lot of the ward members and they are soooo awesome! We have an area 70 and the stake president in our ward so I'm pumped for that. Also the translation center is right here in Ladispoli, and so basically everyone works for it so a lot of members speak perfect English! It's weird honestly ahha. But it was cool listening to conference and knowing who it was that was doing the translating!

Also conference was lit! I love listening to conference in the mission! I love pres Nelson. He's the coolest.

I think that is pretty much it folks. I love yall, hope ya have a good week!

Love sorella Nelson ❤️


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