September 2, 2019


Cagliari, Sardegna Italy


Sorella Kara Nordlin


Hello family! How are you guys? I hope everything is going well back home. Here in Cagliari, in Sardegna, the work is awesome! It is truly so good. We are still working through the other Sorelles' work, and trying to get that all into order. It is finally coming along and we are going to have our first lesson with one of their people on Tuesday. She is elect, so we are going to put her on Bap date sometime soon. I am super excited about that. Her name is Elisabetta, if you guys would pray for her, she is so awesome! This week was kind of crazy. It was a week with random appointments. We actually met with a Jehova's Witness, ugh that was weird. He started asking us "What is the name of God?" We just thought OH BOY, and honestly my patience was running thin (and I've repented) but I just tried to bear my testimony, and he wasn't listening. But my companion is super chill, and we just walked away. She told me in those moments there is nothing you can say that will help them change their mind. I wasn't trying to change his mind, I was just trying to bear testimony, of why I'm here, and he just kept putting words in my mouth, which was making me super frustrated. For the people that don't have the spirit of the Lord with them, their mind is just confused, and that's just the sad truth of it, and that is just how it is. So that's what I learned(HAHA). Then we met with a lady that was actually on Bap date many years ago. We met with her and she was actually just yelling at us about the Book of Mormon and she wouldn't accept it. My reaction was the opposite with her, than it was with the Jehova's Witness guy. She's yelling at us how God can't mess up anything, so if He made the Bible perfect then why would He need to bring out a second book, none of this makes sense! I said, "listen, (I was saying a prayer, to help her listen and at least hear what we have to offer her) so then I just opened my mouth I explained it, according to her needs, but it was with the spirit, I didn't do any of it, and it was so cool! She was silent the whole time I was talking, and she just listened. It was cool to see the spirit work through me and help me explain to her why we need the Book of Mormon and how it works with the Bible together.
We were doing case en case (door to door)and we knock on this one guy's house, and he comes to the door( he is in nothing but a speedo, Italians are very open with their bodies, no boundaries whatsoever) stands right in the doorway, in his 50's all tan looking, I said Hi, we're missionaries, we have a message about Jesus Christ, he's like yeah, I can't right now, but if you guys want to come back Tuesday at 6, I'd be totally down to hear it. We said ok, ciao, then left super fast, and started laughing so hard because it was the weirdest thing ever. So we are going to go back and see him. We are taking the Anziani with us though(the Elders) so we can just pass him off, because that is going to be weird.
Oh my gosh, this week I ate OCTOPUS! If any of you know me, you know I hate fish and stuff. Here in Sardegna, the food is pretty much seafood. So we went to this members house, and she pulls out clams first of all (which I've eaten a lot here, so I am getting used to clams and mussels. Not my favorite, it's doable, I just swallow it whole and it's fine.) Then she pulls out giant octopus, huge and white! She had about 15 of them, puts them in this pan with potatoes, and I start gagging before we even start eating! Then they cook down, to really small. Which I didn't know about octopus, because I don't eat it ever, ew, gross! They were tiny little octopus things, and she gave me 5 of them on my plate with potatoes and this purple goop stuff (because the octopus turned purple)and I said Oh, Sorella, you only have one octopus, let me give you some of mine! So she takes one of my octopus, but I ate them all! I ate the head, and the tentacles, and it was disgusting. It was rubbery and I was gagging to get it down. BUT it's fine, I did it! I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. It was fine, it was NASTY, but I walked away thinking okay, I did it, and then we had gelato at the end, so it's always fine. It was a fat meal, she shoved us full of food!
This week has just been really weird. We have still been trying to organize everything still. Figure things out with the phone, because Italy has this law, where you have to send them this privacy notice if you have their phone number. So we have to go through the phone to see if people really have interest, which takes so much time, but it's really good because we have gotten a lot of appointments from it. We are starting to get in the swing of things, and the work is going awesome. I am so grateful for the mission.
We had Stake Conference yesterday, it was so good! The talks were so good, I felt the spirit so strong, and I literally got another testament, just sitting there, that Christ lives, from one of the talks! One of the cool things about our church is we can receive revelation no matter where we are, as long as we are living worthy of the spirit. That is such a blessing. We can receive revelation of things that we have already received revelation for.
I love you all and hope life is going great! Life is going great here in Italy! I'm loving the mission, time is flying by--
Love you all!
Ciao ciao ciao ciao


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