June 5, 2019


Pescara, Italy


Sorella Brooklyn Peters

"Ahhh alone at last" (said in my best Flynn Ryder voice)

Ciaoooo!! What is up everyone. How is America. Hows the freedom tasting. I'm sure its everything I'd ever imagined. Haha just kidding I actually eat a big fat American meal once a week. Cant forget my humble beginnings 🇺🇸

Anywayyyys this week was kind of actually crazy. We had transfers and IM IN pescara. Still lol. Haha I love it. My new comp is sorella Peters and shes gonna die soon. (As in finish her mission, her health is pretty stellar) the lord blessed me with this woman because guess what. She loves to cook!! Hah so you all know I'm living my best life out here. We eat well in pescara.

Also she had to go to Sicily for a hot minute so she can be legal and everything and they sent me on a bus to Rome..... BY MYSELF. I'm no longer a greenie now so they really just made me spread my wings and then they promptly shoved me off the cliff 😅 Haha jkjk all was well. I got to Rome safely and found my way. It's been super awesome though cause I've been able to be in the visitors center with the temple sorelle. What I love about the visitors center is that people come with a desire to learn more about the gospel. You can see how many people are searching for God and they always walk away edified and uplifted because when we search him, he's waiting for us with blessings in store. I love this work and this opportunity to see how christ truly touches lives. How he loves us each so personally and perfectly.

So also in Rome we are going to a bone church... literally a very old church filled with bones. Aha when in Rome amiright?🤷‍♀️

Our ward in pescara had a huge party for the second cutest little baby in the world (shoutout to scottie the cutest baby)
And it was so awesome! Can I just say Italians know how to party. They literally had like 20 different trays of food. God bless them. Anyways what I'm trying to say is I truly love the ward. They feel like family! That is what I love about the gospel. It truly just brings people together. The work is well, and I love it!

Anyways if any of you all have made it this far, congrats and thanks for reading lol. You get a big old high five over the internet waves. I love you all!

Ciao ciao,

Sorella Nelson

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