May 13, 2019


Pescara, Italy


Sorella Madi Stutz

We're being invaded!!

so yesterday my comp dropped her perfume all over the bathroom and it exploded. so were like dang. we gotta clean it up. so she starts cleaning it up and i go into the kitchen to finish dishes. all of a sudden i hear her screaming suuuper loud and i was like what the what. so i go check in the bathroom and THERES A HUGE SLUG. hahah we both started screaming and ran to the door lol. so we come back and i decide we just gotta get it out the house but you best bet i am not about to touch that thing. so i grab the dustpan and try to swipe up the slug and it just stuck to the end of the pan. hahah i started screaming and eventually after a lot of nastiness we got the slug out of the house and then literally immediately after i chucked the slug off the blacony im walking into the house and THERES A LIZARD on our deck!! i was like are you kidding meeee. so after more screaming and trapping the lizard in the garbage we got rid of it. but please pray for us we are being invaded lol.

anyways to the real work- its going well!! we have some solid people we are teaching and its cool to see how the book of Mormon really does change peoples lives. for every single question they have for us, theres isnt an answer that doesnt involve either praying or reading the book of Mormon. something i love about the gospel is how personal it is. not only are every single one of us there for each other as brothers and sisters, whenever we teach the lessons, no matter what lesson it is, we can make it personal to them. for example we taught the plan of salvation this past week to a woman named anna and she is really struggling in life in general. she knows theres a purpose to life, but doesnt know what hers is. when we taught the plan of salvation, it was so specific to her and her needs. she needed to know that in this life we are meant to feel joy. we can feel joy because of our brother, Jesus Christ. she needed to know that God knows her individually, and knows her needs. she needed to know that we can find joy and peace in the midst of our trials. and we were able to demonstrate all of this in teaching her about the plan that God has for each one of us. we are all loved. and we are all wanted.

i love this work and i wouldnt want to be anywhere else. i miss you all but i know this is where im meant to be!! if any of you want send me an email i love to hear from you all!!

con amore,
sorella nelson


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