April 15, 2019


Pescara, Italy


Sorella Madi Stutz

Famiglia---(sent as an audio recording and had to translate)

Ciao family! How are you guys? I miss you all so much, but I am loving missionary work!
This past week was pretty good. We actually saw a lot of miracles. We have been struggling to find people to teach, and we were sitting in the church on Monday night after P-day ,we were watching General Conference, the last session, (so it is pretty late) the whole church is locked and dark, and we hear this knock on the door. There was a lady at the back door, and we think she had already knocked on the front door. One of the Anziani went out to see who it was, and it was this lady looking for a place to worship. We let her in, and she asked if we would mind if she came in and sat and talked with us for five minutes about our church and then she would go to find the other place of worship she had been looking for. So she came in and there was the whole district there, so around 6-7 Anziani, along with my companion and myself. We all sat in this room, in a circle. We talked with her about the church and she stayed for about an hour. We talked with her about Joseph Smith and about the Restoration, and we read the introduction page of the Book of Mormon with her and she was crying and told us it was beautiful. She was seriously a miracle. We got her number and we are going to try and teach her. The Anziani had a baptism last night, with one of the people they were teaching. It was such a beautiful ceremony and she actually came to it. We are super excited to teach her.
Missionary work is not really what I expected it to be. It's a lot of waiting on other people. Waiting on them, setting up a ton of appointments with people, and you're trying to get as many people as you can to teach. Some days our days are full of appointments, and literally all of them fall through, and it's just a lot of walking around, talking with people, and getting rejected. Just super fun, I love it! It's a different kind of feeling to testify to people, about who Joseph Smith is, about what the Book of Mormon is, and to teach people that this is the same church that Jesus Christ established when He was on the earth. To teach them about the Priesthood, and how the Priesthood is a proper authority, and we have that. We are literally a part of the same church that Jesus Christ established when He was on the earth. Just to tell people that, is amazing and is such a different thing than anything I ever thought it would be. One of my favorite parts about missionary work is, we will be on the street talking to people and we have been talking to people for hours, with all these old grandpas and grandmas, these old people of Italy, they are super personal and the people of Italy, they are very very intimate people and very touchy. We will just start talking to them about what we are doing here, how we are missionaries, how we left everything at home to serve the people of Italy, to teach a message about Jesus Christ, and every single time, they say, "Ah, una Bella cosa!" Which means what a beautiful thing. It's just the best feeling, having these old people be proud of what you are doing! It's so cool, and even if they are not interested in the message, which they usually aren't, it's just amazing to be able to testify of Jesus Christ everyday. It's kind of a weird thing, but it's really cool, I love it. For those who think about going on a mission, or want to go on a mission, it will be the most important thing you do. This work is the most important thing that is happening on the earth right now. It is really cool to read through the scriptures, and see all those instances where they tell you to go forth and to preach the word. It is weird to think I am doing what many people in the scriptures have done before. Also, I LOVE the Book of Mormon. There are so many good things in there, and I find so much strength from it.
General Conference was crazy! They talked a lot about the second coming, I am terrified to be honest, it's coming soon. There is this one Anziani in our district that sent us a pdf with all the signs of the second coming, and whether or not they have happened, and there is some scary stuff, and it is going to get real crazy, so be aware.
I love being a missionary, it is really hard but really cool. I see miracles literally every day.

Emma then bore a lengthy testimony in Italian (which I am not going to try and translate)


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