March 11, 2019


Pescara, Italy


Sorella Madi Stutz

Bellissima Italia

Ciao ciao la mia bellissima famiglia! How are you all?? I hope you're all doing well. This week was a whirlwind!! I made it to Italy safely and it is soooo beautiful!!! We arrived in Rome and we went straight to the temple. Wow. It is incredible. I honestly couldn't believe I was seeing it in person. I've seen it for the past 6 months in pictures and actually being able to be on the grounds was such an incredible, spiritual experience. The Christus is overwhelming and the statues of the twelve apostles are absolutely breathtaking. It's such a wonderful place!! Also all the twelve apostles and the first presidency is here in Rome wassupppp. Haha yesterday we were able to listen to the dedication and hear from so many of the twelve apostles. It's been like our own mini general conference lol. Also guess what?? We get to go to the dedication in person on Tuesday!! We will take a bus to Rome and hopefully shake hands with President…. Haha don't know how I'm gonna work that one out but I will find a way!!

Alright enough with the temple, I'll update y'all on where I am currently! I got assigned to a cute little town called Pescara on the east coast. It is so beautiful! The ward is amazing and the bishop is so incredible. They are all so involved in the work which is a such a blessing for us. My trainer is incredible!! It's her first time training and she's only starting her fourth transfer but she's so amazing! Her name is Sorella Stutz and she's from Provo but she actually lived in Idaho falls for a while so that's cool! Haha she put me to work right away. The work here is real good and we've already had a couple lessons with people. Also legit everyone here is Catholic. Which obviously I knew before I left but wow I didn't realize… anyways were working hard and I love it here! My mission president and his wife are incredible. Italy is the best place!!! Much love to you all.

Ps for the of you who know me super well know I absolutely love nathan pacheco right?? Well guess who was at the dedication? Guess who sang at the devotional the night before for the dedication?? Guess who I heard sing my fav song live?? NATHAN PACHECO!!! Haha sorry for fangirling but it was pretty sweet. Haha God knows me too well!!

Love you all!! Viva Italia!!!

Con amore, Sorella Nelson


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