March 1, 2019


Provo MTC


Sorella Zhonga

Early risers

Ciao! Guess what we did because we are so smart? We woke up at 4
am to put our laundry in and GUESS WHAT. some worker came and asked us
if we were okay and then promptly told us we could not be there that
early. So we had to leave our Landry In there and then come back and
sleep. We still have not gone over to change it to the dryers... I’m
waiting for everyone else to wake up lol. But it’s all good! I read
some Book of Mormon this am and I’m happy happy happy! I can’t believe
I go to Italy in like 2 days.... where has time gone? I’m feeling a
lot of emotions right now, but I know the Lord will comfort me. We did
an Italian assessment yesterday, and when we went over it with our
teachers, our tutor told me I did a good job and I was the Sorella to
use future tense! So that boosted my confidence and I feel good! For a
few days there I was feeling pretty discouraged with the language.
Haha in all honesty I felt as if I was digressing. It was so hard.
However the Lord heard my prayers and he comforted me. This gospel is
true and the work is good!

Love you!


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