February 1, 2019


Provo MTC


Sorella Zhonga

into the real world!!!

well friends and family this week was pretty stellar. i actually got to leave the mtc and go out into the real world. it was crazyyyyy. haha i could legit feel a difference in the spirit between the real world and the mtc world. it was so weird!! the reason i left is cause i had to go to the consulate with a bunch of other italy missionaries to get our visas worked out. WE GOT TO EAT AT COSTA VIDA. hah blessings on blessing on blessings. anyways this week we've been teaching two people. the lessons are all in italian, and even though i dont speak fluently, i can feel the spirit while i talk to antonio and carlotta in broken italian. it testifies to them what is right and i hope they can feel their Savior's love for them. on tuesday night we had a devotional in which my district all participated in the choir (which was an out of this world experience) and guess who we sang for? elder HOLLAND. THEE JEFFREY R. HOLLAND. yes yes feel free to be jealous. it was amazing!! he spoke of how important missionary work is, and things we can do to be effective missionaries. it was truly an incredible night. we sang nearer my god to thee for choir and i have never felt the spirit like that before. the feelings in that room are something i cannot explain.
anywaysss, i love the mtc. its hard, and this week i had a little mini meltdown (lol) but i was able to pray and feel comforted immediately through the love of my district, some really amazing sorelle, and Christ. i have the best teachers as well!! they are so funny and they make the 8-10 hours of learning everyday quite fun. (how is that even possible???) fratello wagstaff taught us the phrase to use in place of saying "what the heck" you say "che cavolo?" which literally translates to "what cabbage" ahah what the?? italians actually use that phrase and it is now my motto. missionary appropriate AND funny!!
mtc life is amazing, and i get along with everyone so well. godspeed!!

con amore,

sorella nelson


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