June 5, 2017


Iguana, Mexico


Hermana Cardona

Week 11

wow well this week started off going really fast and then a lot of stuff happened.... first i have realized that i dont take critism very well... so i really need to work on that. second we were on splits with the sister traning leaders and me and my companion had to go up this really big hill to have a lesson with a family of recent converts they are super sweet so we are sitting outside and then it started to sprinkle and then they say okay lets move under the cover right when we move it starts to poor and then i ask if we can start with a prayer and they say yes and ask me to say it. so i am yelling the prayer because the rain is hitting the top of the roof that is metal so hard that you cant hear anything. then it starts to rain even harder so we move inside the house then thunder and lightning starts and we arent allowed to leave when there is thunder and lighting so we were there for 1.5 hours and it still hadnt stopped raining so we called a member to come get us but because the hill that we were on was all dirt we had to walk down the hill to his car and as we were walking i slipped and fell. that was so bad.... i got all muddy and had to get in the members car i felt so bad we finally found my companion and the other sister tranning leader and we picked them up and went back to our house thinking that we were going to be able to relax and get to go to bed early but as i unlocked the door and stepped in my foot was covered in water.... our whole house was fluded. all of the rooms probably had a good inch and a half of water in them. it took us an hour and a half to sweep all of the water out thank goodness we moved houses today because i never want to do that agian. one of our investigators that was baptized this saturday was assulted and as threatened to be killed becuase so guys thought that he was a different guy that was selling drugs but it wasnt him he somehow got away on his motorcycle but now his mom is making him move in with his grandparents that live in a town with no church so i think that he is going to become inactive. oh also the same day that all the rain happened we were at someones house that said that they couldnt have a lesson we were standing out side their house and all of the sudden there was a flying chille that hit me in the head i guess those people dont like americans. that hasnt been the only this that i have hit my head with. i always hit my head in door ways or in the combies (the taxi busses) i am convinced that everything here is made for short people. this sunday the bishop asked me to play paino in saccrament meeting and i did it and it was really scary. Juan Carlos was baptized on Saturday and it was so great . we were tracting and we contacted somone in the street and he all of the sudden started to speak in english and it freaked me out a little bit but my companion looks at me and says contact in English so thats what i did. he said you guys are welcome in my house anytime and it was a really good experiance for me it really boosted my confidence. we went to his house the next day and he told us all about his days in the US and how he love the US and the only problem is that his "wife" is 17 and he is 31 and they have two kids but they arent actually that sucks for us. we went to a train track this morning and it was so pretty it reminded me of home. well this week has been long and i am ready for the adventurs of the next week

love always Hermana Gacke!


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