May 15, 2017


Iguana, Mexico


Hermana Cardona

Week 9

wow week 9 the time is going by fast and I am beginning to love the mission. my companion is great and we get along great. i am in an area that is called Zion becuase we always have investigators. as of right now we have 23 investigators and 13 with a baptism date. next week we have 4 baptisms and i couldnt be more excited. the heat is actually killing me... not only is it killing me but other animails.. (wow sorry my english is really bad) i have been counting how many dead things i have seen and so far i have seen 3 deat cats 1 dead dog and 15 dead birds... i think it is a sign... i have a feeling the next thing is going to be a person and i think that person is going to be me lol jk but no its really bad. the people in my ward are the best and they are always trying to feed us. i have been given like 7 mangos and i am scared to eat them because the last time i ate a mango i got sick because of the worms but thats okay i just give them to the little kids and it is a way for me to get to talking to people. i got pooped on by a bird last monday after district meeting lol my compaion laughed at me and then not even 5 minutes later she got pooped on too lol and then she said in the little english she knows "thats Karma" i said " dont bring my mother into this!" lol she didnt get it but it was really funny lol .


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