May 2, 2017


Iguana, Mexico


Hermana Cardona

Week 7 finally in my area

wow well i am offically a missionary in the field!!!

mi primero dia en el campo fue muy loco porque (okay going back to english because my brain hurts) within the first hours i was here i was already out on the streets talking to people. I met my companion in a park where we had to walk what felt like 10 miles up and down hills in the blazing heat. in Cuernavaca it is probaly like 85 deegres but now in my area it is like 90 and i am dieing wow i didnt realize how bad my english is now lol anyways we had meetings and stuff all day yesterday and i cant believe that i am finally here i kind of felt like i was never going to leave the CCM perro i have been trying to talk in as much spanish as i can because i am so bad. my new companion speaks no english which is good and bad because I will learn spanish way faster but right now i just feel so over whelmed and i kind just need someone to talk to but she doesnt understand anything i say. so that is really rough this morning i had to take another public bus here i dont know if iput it in the other email but yesterday i had to ride a public bus for 3 hours alone and i know 0 spanish when i was in the CCM i thought that i had learned all the spanish i would ever need but nope i was so wrong.... i understand nobody. last night i was in a house with 8 other girls and all of them spoke spanish and i was the only one that had no idea what they were saying. i just sat there and read my spanish book of mormon like a good little mormon girl does and i just started to cry because i couldnt understand anything.... one of the latinas came up to me and tired to comfort me but there was one problem.... I DONT KNOW SPANISH AND SHE DOESNT KNOW ENGLISH! so we just sat there and cried together..... wow what a great first impression Hermana Gacke! well anyways my area is called iguana i think that is what they said but i could be totally wrong because i cant understand anything they say because they all talk so fast. i went to my house and the first thing that my companion does is show me my bed but when she looked behind the door there was a cockroach and she didnt even flinch all she did was kick it into the living room and then killed it and then ( this is the best part) SHE LEFT IT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROOM!!! AND EVERYTIME SHE WALKS BY IT SHE KICKS IT!!!! at this point im just lie send me back home i cant live like this! well i am sitting here in a little tiny room and i am sweating to death so i think you have heard enough of my horror stories today.... oh wait i was walking thoes 10 miles yesterday and i wasnt even walking for 10 minutes and a car drives by me and spalshes me with a puddle! okay im done telling my stories! sorry i dont haven any pictures this week but i will try next week i love you all so much and im really sorry if you cant read this because my english is so bad.

hasta luego!

Hermana Gacke❤


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