April 27, 2017


Mexico City, Mexico


Hermana Sturgis

Week 6 Last P day in the CCM

well all I have finally got my travle plans and i leave the CCM on Monday at 5:30 in the morning. I am so excited to be in the area of my people. I already have so much love for them and i can't wait to get to know them in 4 days. i have to start packing my things today and i still remember how much i hate packing. it stresses me out so much. this week I was called to be a sister Training leader and that is the hightest calling that a sister can get. i was so happy! this week i got a little home sick but i am so happy to be here. we had a devotional and one of the brothers that spoke gave a great talk about how we need to stay focused and one thing he said was


that really hit me i need to stay on target and think abouth my purpose here and not what is going on at home all the time. not that it is bad to think about home but i think about it way to much and it takes me away from the work that i have been called to do. the lord called me to this work and i need to give it my all. I am so excited for the time i will have in Cuernavaca and i can't wait to be an instument in the Lords hands.

this week was our last week teaching our investigators and one that we had commited to baptism told us that she didn't think it was right for her. when she said that i was heart broken and shes not even a real investigator. I can't even imagine how it is going to be in the feild. I hope that the lord will help me though the hard times. this week i didn't really have much time to take pictures but i managed to get a few today.
this is the dress nana made me and everyone here loves it all of the latinos always ask me where i got it and i tell them nana made it and they are always so impressed it is great for the heat here!

well i love you all and i can't wait to here more about how home is.

Hermana Gacke


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