April 21, 2017


Mexico City, Mexico


Hermana Sturgis

Week 5

Hola! Como Estan?!?!TODAY IS MY ONE MONTH MARK!!!!! I miss you all so much but this is my last week in the CCM and it is so bitter sweet at the begining of my stay here i did not like the CCM pero (but) now i am actually starting to like it . its really weird because i have been here for so long that this feels like it is my mission. could you imagine if this was just what my mission was? i hated school and having a 16 hour school day is now so fantastic here. i learn so much everyday. my Teachers are the best too. its going to be hard to leave them this week. we have all become so close in such a short time.

this last sunday my whole district was invited to sing in the joint sacrament meeting we sang "He is risen!" the whole sacrament was in spanish and i could actually understand almost everything that was said. later that sunday i was in a leadership meeting Pres. Bennett (who reminds me so much of uncle Rowland) asked me to translate for one of the latinas . I was like What!? i can't do this! he said just stand up and have faith that the holy spirit will guide you . i stood up and i translated almost everything perfectly. the gift of tounges is real. last friday and saturday me and one of the other hermanas in my district got sick. she had to get a shot but i told the doctor i would not get a shot so he gave me pills. they were kind of sketchy so i didn't take them.... sorry mom but mexico mds scare me. this sunday i have to give a talk in all spanish i am kind of freaking out but the spirit will guide me if i have faith. well i am running out of time 1 hour is not enough to say everything i want to. LES AMO!!!!


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