April 7, 2017


Mexico City, Mexico


Hermana Sturgis

Week 3

hola mi Familia y Amigos!!!

Wow this week was different. Some days were way harder to get through than others. I am still finding it hard to get along with my companion, but yesteerday in one of our classes we werer reading in Ether 12:15-18 and 27. It talked about having faith in christ and heavenly father. For the past 3 weeks I have been praying and I havent felt like I haven't been getting answers. In our lession I saw that I had Ether 12:6 highlighted and it says not until after the trial of your faith will you recive a witness. that really hitme. heavenly father is giving me these trials so that I can gain a better faith in him and Jesus Christ

We taught two investigators this week. One of them is Blanca and the other is Abril. Blanca is super sweet. Her and her husband are having problems and she thinks that the gospel will help. Abril is so cute she always has a smile on her face and I love teaching her! Her husband is baptist and doesn't like that she is meeting with us. Oh also he is an alcoholic. we are teaching him on saturday and I am super nervous so your prayers would be greatly appreceated. also on saturday we are teaching our first TRC lesson that is when we teach someone who is actually an investigator not just one of our teachers like Blanca or Abril. So if you could help us out with some prayers that would also be greatly appreceated. I love you all and cant wait to hear more from home sorry I ran out of time again!


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