March 31, 2017


Mexico City, Mexico


Hermana Sturgis

First P-day

hola Family and friends!!!
i miss you all so much! i hope everything is going well back home. These last 2 weeks have been one of the hardest things of my life. I´ll start with my first day... i met my companion and her name is hermana Sturgis she is really nice but sometimes i find myself getting frustrated and not getting along but then i remember what christ would do so i take a deep breath forget about myself and do the lords work. At first i thought that learning the language was going to be really hard and at times it is but i have had experiances where i can understand what my teachers are saying or i was in a lesson and things would just come out of my mouth. my first investigators name was norma and she was in mexico city living with a member family and her family back home was cathlic and they don't agree on any of the churches teachings and she was scared to join because of them. as we taught her we told her that god loves us and that he has a plan for us and that christ knows everything she is feeling because he felt all of our pains and afflictions we commited her to being baptized and she came to church and it was so great!!

this week we got 2 new investigators and one of their names in blanca and the other is Abril. we havent started teaching them yet but when we were learning about them we got to see a video clip and it was all in spanish and i just could not understand anything i couldnt even pick up small word and i got super discuraged in myself and thought maybe this isnt the right thing for me to be doing and then one of my teachers came up to me and told me that everhting was going to be okay and that every missionary goes through it and that i should get down on myself because if we have faith in the lord he will make our weekness become strong. that really helped me. well i am running out of time so i will try and send more next week but i want you all to know that i love you all so much. PAPA!! i love you more than you know and that i am praying everyday for you and nana.


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