September 10, 2017


Futenma, Okinawa, Japan


Sister Sato

Hello from Okinawa! - Week 1

Hello from Okinawa!!! It's amazing!! I got off the plane and there was island music playing in the airport and I looked outside to see a vast blue ocean with palm trees everywhere and I looked out and saw a rainbow... let's just say I'm in paradise haha. It is way hot here but nothing I can't handle! It is absolutely beautiful here! I love my companion Sister Sato so much. She's an absolute angel! She is so sweet and kind and works so so hard. We spend most of our time speaking in Japanese so my Japanese is really improving! She does speak a little bit of English. We work really well together and have hit the ground running! We already have a baptsim this week for a 9-year-old girl named Yukina!! So cool that I get to come into a area with a baptismal date, I'm so lucky!
This week was so crazy with saying good-bye to Nagasaki and embarking to Okinawa. It was hard saying good-bye to an area that I loved so much! But, I know it is in good hands with Sister Steed and her new missionary! For transfers, I took a train to Sasebo and stayed there the night then the next morning a bus to Fukuoka, and then a plane to Okinawa! I'm pretty sure the Fukuoka mission has the craziest transfers in the world. It was so much fun though. Then, on Thursday night I went to Futenma and met my companion Sister Sato! We immediately went to work and went out to dendo (proselyte)!
On Sundays, we get to go to 2 wards, English (military branch) and Japanese. The Japanese ward is a good sized ward, there are many members in Okinawa. There are so many young families here in the military branch. There's also a lot of young single adult soliders who like left for the military right out of high school and didn't go on a mission. Everyone is super nice and all the men are these huge military guys, kind of scary! It's definitely weird talking in English at church, haha. We only are allowed to have dinner with members once a week, but we can go visit them and share messages to them without a meal anytime in the week. The two wards are so nice and love the missionaries. This coming week we get to go on base to visit a family so that will be cool! We are not allowed to proselyte at all on the base and we have to be let in by a member. There are also always American jets and military planes flying around and like huge military trucks driving around. It's way cool, love Okinawa!! I am so lucky to be here in this wonderful area. I know that we are going to see so much success and I am so excited for this transfer!
Love you all!
-Sister Atwood


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