May 3, 2018


Chikushino, Fukuoka, Japan


Sister Armstrong

Hello from Fukuoka! - Week 16

Hello everyone!
Many things have happened this past week and a half, so I don't know if I will be able to sit down and describe it all but let's just say we had an action-packed week. Me and Sister Armstrong have been so busy and we have just been having a blast every single day. Seriously, this has just been the funnest past few transfers. I love Chikushino so much!
Last Wednesday, we spent time at a members house doing service. It was really hilarious because this guy is a world-renowned professional cook and so he takes us and the elders to his house and says "the women will cook for us while the men will build the shelves." He literally left us in his giant kitchen, gave us some vegetables and was like "please make something, I'm gonna go to the store." HE LITERALLY LEFT US. We freaked out and decided to make some stir-fry dish and we were just laughing our heads off trying to figure out where everything was and grabbing random spices and things off the shelves. In the end, he complimented us and told us we did a good job. I legitimately thought I was on a cooking show. He also showed us his katana (samurai sword) that has been based down his family line since the Edo period. It was SOOOO cool! We were handling it and trying to swing it and stuff and then he told us ancient samurai stories and told us how it was used to kill Americans and we were just like "um". Haha!
Our investigator Komine is doing great! We had a lesson where we talked about growing our faith and how exactly one grows their testimony. We talked about how faith is like a seed that grows within you and sometimes we may have doubts and questions but those are helpful to grow our faith. We must always trust in God and always try to do those things that help grow our faith. She is just doing so well!
We also got invited to the youth mutual activity where we played this tag batsu game where apparently here in Japan they do tag but they also add punishments to the game. Like for example, tying a balloon on their head or making them recite a scripture while kneeling on the ground. They made us missionaries the taggers and it was so fun! But man, where those kids fast. Haha, it was cool because the youth brought so many non-member friends too! These youth are amazing!
There was also a day this week that I got pretty sick from a cold and we had to stay inside but luckily I recovered pretty fast and we were back out. It was pretty funny though watching Sister Armstrong have cabin fever. Especially since it was such a pretty, sunny day outside.
This week we also got to see the Saiho couple after a while and they invited us in again and we taught a discussion on the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was so awesome as the wife had so many questions about the Atonement and it was really cool going into the Book of Mormon with them to explain it all and answer their questions. I definietly have realized the power of the Book of Mormon recently and also through the Book of Mormon, I have learned even more deeply the doctrine of Christ. I'm just so grateful for this gospel and I can see even more every single day how blessed I am to have Jesus Christ in my life.
Anyways, I wish I could say more but my time is limited. Chikushino is a amazing and me and Sister Armstrong are just having a blast every day losing ourselves in the work!
I love you all! 皆さん愛しています! 最後まで頑張ります!
Sister Atwood


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