April 8, 2018


Chikushino, Fukuoka, Japan


Sister Armstrong

Hello from Fukuoka! - Week 13

Hello once again from the land of spring and flowers of Fukuoka, Japan! I tell my new missionary every day to enjoy this spring weather now of 70 degrees before the fire and brimstone of summer heat comes in July haha. Me and Sister Armstrong had a great week! It was a crazy week because of transfers but still so many miracles! Me and Sister Armstrong are both staying here in Chikushino and we are taking on this new transfer and ready to work!
If you remember the family (we call them the Iwachan family, I wonder if any of you will get the reference.. ハイキュウ!!のキャラの名前です) I talked about the other week with the super buff man and his wife, well, we went back and visited them and we had a super awesome on-the-spot lesson about the Plan of Salvation. The wife was literally asking questions about who Jesus Christ is and what does His resurrection mean and how can we live again through Him?! Then she asked what happens after we die and we pulled out a diagram of the Plan of Salvation and it was amazing getting to teach her about it! They are both so awesome and hopefully we get to keep meeting with them. I will keep you all posted. 岩ちゃんたちは金人です.
We met with Fukui 姉妹 a less active and taught her about Jesus Christ's life which she requested us teach about. We showed her the "Finding Faith in Christ" and it was awesome getting to bear testimony to her about our Savior and how we have found our faith in Him. Sister Armstrong bore testimony about Him and how Christ has helped her through the hardest of times including her Dad being terminally ill and it was such a testimony-builder for me hearing her testimony. She is such an amazing missionary and I have learned so much from her!
We had so many people at Eikaiwa (English class) this week and afterwards we played the classic American game "4 Corners" and all the little kids and even adults loved it. They all love learning about America!
Also, I crashed on my bike last p-day and I cut up my knee really bad and my foot too but luckily the elders were right behind us and were able to make bandages out of some random gauze and tape. It was just really funny because we were just 4 foreigners on the street with blood everywhere!! Haha, we must of looked so weird but anyways it was fun! XD
We also met with our investigator Komine and she read from the Book of Mormon!! She started the lesson off with "so I read from that book of yours..." and went into the other room to grab it and both me and my companion looked at each other like :O and then she came back with it all marked and how she had studied the first chapter of 1 Nephi! She even started to translate it to English too!!!!! We sat together and read the Book of Mormon and she asked so many questions like "what does the promised land mean?" and we got to explain even deeper about it. It is so amazing to see how the Book of Mormon is helping in her conversion and opening her heart slowly to the gospel. Before she didn't really care about the gospel only just about learning English but now she wants to learn more and is even trying to pray! So amazing!
Anyways, General Conference was amazing and I love getting the chance to hear from our modern-day prophets. When President Nelson was sustained I just felt the spirit so strong confirming to me that yes, this is the prophet that the Lord has chosen. During conference so many of the answers to questions I have been thinking about recently were answered, especially how I can be a better missionary every day. I love this work and I know this church is true!
Love you all! 愛しています!
Sister Atwood


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