November 30, 2015


Nishiwaki, Hyogo


Bean Shimai

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey all! It's been a good week in Nishiwaki. (I wasn't here for 4/7 of the days, but you know, it's good)

Actually, to be honest- this week didn't start off too hot. It started off with a stomach bug that hit everyone in primary + the basically the best thing to have for on a bus and train for hours! I know Heavenly Father loves me because he helped me wait till I got off the 45 minute curvy bus ride before I had to turn to my poor Japanese companion for the day and say "sumimasen moushiwakenai kedo kore Kara hakimasu, doko de ii kana" (which basically translates to "excuse me. From now I'm going to throw up. Where would be good?") hahaha Uchida Shimai is a saint, hands down. We had a lot of fun after that though! We had a great time teaching ekaiwa, and visiting less active's with some awesome members.

Then we headed down to good old Toyooka, someplace I've wanted to visit my whole mission- it didn't disappoint. I got to hang out with the amazing Fulmer Shimai, who somehow manages to be funny in Japanese and English. We met a loopy recent convert, gave candy to children because it's not weird in Japan, met lots of cool people, and ended the night eating WAY too much fried chicken and rice, just like I'm sure all of you guys did on Thanksgiving. (#blessed)

Then to end the week, we had Branch conference, and there were 4 less active members who were able to attend. We went and visited them with an 87 year old member and his wife driving us around, and old people dendo is the best. She can hardly walk, but she'd hobble up to their door, grab their hand and say "show me your face! You're beautiful! Come to church okay? We love you!" and it worked! They came and they had a great time being back:)

Along with the less active's, one of our friends from the Toyooka branch came to our branch yesterday. He was having kind of a hard time forgiving people, and was feeling a bit hurt. We told him to talk to God about it during church, and to use the atonement to feel better. He felt better after church, and then later that night, he called us and told us how he had gone and apologized to the people he needed to. Happy ending.:)

Not really a special story or anything, but that's one of the reasons I love church- Life gets cloudy sometimes, but when we go to church, we can experience the power of the atonement. That's when the clouds go away and those rainbows come out:) we go in with something that needs to be fixed- a worry, concern, maybe some guilt or regrets- and then we take the sacrament, talk to God, hear the messages we need to hear, and guess what? We feel better! We're able to change, improve, fix what needs to be fixed, and move forward. We can experience that every Sunday if we want to! Try it out and see. :)

愛してます(^ ^)

Be prepared for lots of selfies (srry) to come!


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