September 2, 2017



Just make it to Sunday

Hello!!! Oh my goodness I have so much to tell y'all and so little time so warning. I'm sorry if this makes no sense because I am just trying to type as fast as I can so I can explain everything and anything.

Let's start with day one. First off when I got my tag it had a little orange dot on it which basically identifies you as new. Which means
everyone. And I mean EVERYONE says "welcome to the mtc!" Which is nice and all until you've been hearing it for 6 hours straight....
haha the first day was crazy busy. We got a lot of info thrown at us. Plus it seems like they keep telling us stuff we need to do without
telling us how to do it. So we've basically been winging it. And man does everything move fast here. Literally the first night they threw us into the work! We had a thing called people and our purpose where we had a big group of us that basically got to teach three investigators. There is no slacking around here. If you are late you
get called out for it. But it is so hard to be on time all the time because there is so much to do! Hopefully my companion and I will get
better at that xD Speaking of which my comp is Sister Gunther. She is 6' 10" and has brownish red hair. But more importantly she is AMAZING.
She is so sweet and soft spoken but man. When she bears her testimony it is powerful. The second day we got to teach our first "investigator" which was our teacher. We were second to teach so we had to throw together a lesson in like 30 minutes on our first official day. Like what???? It was crazy! But it actually didn't go to bad and yesterday we got to do a follow up lesson which went even better. It's scary but it's so cool how we can just say a prayer before hand go into the lesson and just talk about the gospel. I never realized how easy it might be to talk about Christ and his gospel. We've had a lot of other little opportunities to teach and they have all been amazing. I know I
keep saying that but the mtc really is amazing. Plus it has pretty good food so that's always a plus.

Okay let's see.... I mentioned the phrase " make it to Sunday " . That's what everyone tells you that it gets easier on Sunday which I don't understand because Sunday is when the real work begins. On Monday I will get the opportunity to go and teach my first two "real
investigators "! We will teach them to four times next week so hopefully Sister gunther and I will be ready! I'm nervous but also excited to actually teach a real person.

Oh my goodness there is always something to do here. We have sooooooo much reading to do! I am always trying to finish something we have to read and before I even get the chance to start I get assigned more stuff to read! I am trying so hard to stay caught up so hopefully I'll
be able to stick with it.

Let's see I wanna share some of my experiences here at the mtc. One was the first night when we had an opening meeting one sister talked about the Red Sea and how Moses had to go through the sea in order to get away from the danger following close behind. There was no going back or sideways but only forward. She talked about how we all have
our own red seas that we have to go through in order to get to the other side. I've realized in these few short days how many red seas I
have that might be holding me back. Some were hard to realize but as I've started to get rid of them I've been able to grow closer to my
savior. He is everything we need. I was talking to one elder and he said to him Christ is essential. Essential. We all need Christ in our
lives because he is the only one that can help us get back to our Heavenly Father in heaven. It is through him that anything is possible.

Okay I feel like I've rambled on enough. Hopefully all that made sense... haha. I feel like I've only told you about a few things because so much as already happened. Oh! I totally forgot to mention my district. They are amazing. I seriously love them and all the Sisters are adorable. Most of my district is going to Georgia. The other places are Ohio, Kentucky and then of course New York (: I don't
know if I'll have time but I'll try to send a few pictures later. If not they will come next week (: I love you all so much! That you for
all the emails they have seriously made my week.

Don't forget to go to God for anything. He is there. He loves you. And all He wants is for you to be happy and how you can find that is
through him and his gospel. Our scripture for all of ya cause the scriptures are amazing! Go look it up (; psalms 46:10

Love Sister Keller


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