February 4, 2019




Sister Koford

"My boogers are frozen!" -Sister Koford

This weeks highlight was when Amos got up and bore his testimony. I have heard it many times before but yesterday was special. I have loved having the opportunity to watch the gospel change Amos's life. The light in his eyes has gotten brighter with each day and it is truly beautiful. That is one of the many blessings of missionary work- Watching peoples testimonies grow. What a blessing that truly is.

So this week we helped the senior couple, the Williams, move from one apartment to the next. It was a lot of fun and a lot of heavy lifting. At least when we could get away fast enough because none of the men would let us carry heavy things. Honestly kinda annoying lol but we still did it anyways when they weren't looking. haha.

This week my love and appreciation for the Savior has grown. To fully recognize how willing he was to sacrifice himself for us. It is amazing. He had so many opportunities to stop. to not go through with it. Yet he went through with it anyways because he knew the will of God. I often think of what I am willing to do so I can follow the will of my Father. To truly follow all of his commandments and live in such a way to align my will with his. I have found more and more that following Gods will is the only intelligent thing to do. In the end it is easier because we have God's help on our side. How grateful I am to be able to know my Father and to know that he is there. I am so grateful for His love that I can feel every single day.

This week ends my 12th transfer and brings my 13th and last transfer in the mission field. Boy has time flown! I'm not ready for a transfer of lasts to be honest but it seems I am being forced to do it anyways haha. So here it goes to the last and best transfer yet!

Love Sister Keller

Alma 5:14

2)A pretty organ at Cornell
3)In my happy place ❤


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