January 28, 2019




Sister Koford

"Wow the winter break must have been hard for you two. You both look slimmer"


So this week was an interesting one for sure! But they all seem to be odd for some reason or another. This week was just extra special.

We were able to go to a baptism for Yuqi. This sweet man who the Elders have been teaching. He really loves plants and the gospel. He is amazing and we were able to bring one of the people we are teaching with us to it. He was really touched by Yuqis testimony which was awesome! Plus Amos got to be there and it just brought back all the awesome memories of Amos's baptism. Needless to say it was a good day.

This week I am filled with so much gratitude for my dear companion Sister Koford. She is amazing and such a great example to me. We had a few experiences that made me really realize how blessed I am to be her companion.

So we talked to this random guy named Eric on Saturday for probably no more than a minute. Within that minute we invited him to church and he ran away pretty fast after that. Which is the norm so we went on with our lives. Sunday morning rolls around and in walks Eric! That is the first time someone has actually come to just after talking for a minute. It was crazy and he even stayed for the second hour. Which we weren't able to go with him to but hopefully he liked it lol. We are stopping by tonight to follow up since we didn't get to after church. (We were giving talks in the branch when the ward out) Just a little miracle for the week.

Well its time for me to go again but before I go I want to just say I love you all! This gospel is one of miracles. Its one of faith, of light, of joy. It is exactly what we all need to be happy and to one day return to our father in Heaven. How grateful I am for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the light is floods my life with.

Love you! and Stay Strong!

Love Sister Keller


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