January 7, 2019




Sister Koford

"If we got stranded and this juice was all I had... I wouldn't share" - Sister Koford

Well lets start off this email with the thing most recent why dont we?

So context of that quote is: we were stranded in a random school parking lot with a flat tire. Why? Well I hit a curb.... and the tire got a hole in it.... haha then Elder Williams came to help us and couldnt get the tire off so he thought the rim was bent. So yesterday we had to walk since we had no car and today we had a tow come get it. But the guy said he would try before he started towing it away and he got it off.... lol so now we just need a new tire. But that wont be here till wednesday and so we have to be careful with our spare for the next two days. lol its been stressfulespecially finding out we walked for nothing haha! But hey we got some good exercise in!

Also an exciting thing that will be taking place on July 1st is the Rochester mission and our mission will be merging into one! Its kind of crazy. So this mission will just be all of upstate New York. President Vest just got a lot more put onto his plate thats for sure. I will miss the actual merge but I am excited for the rest of the mission to be a part of that. It will be an exciting and good change for our mission :)

This week we also started teaching a sweet young boy named Zerek. He loves Fortnite which of course reminded me of my little brother Jake. They would get along real well. So I have been learning a lot about fortnite and we have been teaching him a lot about the gospel. I figured it was a pretty good trade.

Other than that the work has been a bit slow but it is starting to pick up with people coming back in town to start the next semester. Im excited for the branch to be back and for the other half of Ithaca to return. haha

I have been pondering on fear this last week. I know kind of weird huh? But Elder Raasbands talk got me thinking about it. We really do fear a lot in life every single day. Its kind of ridiculous when you think about how many things we fear as humans. But he talked about the hope that Christ brings into our life and how faith can get rid of all fear. That is something I have expereinced so many times out here in New York. Many times I have feared different things or people but every time I have turned to the Lord that fear is chased away with the Light of Christ that can pierce the darkness. I am so grateful for my Savior and his illuminating atonement and love. I will never be able to share His gospel with enough people but I am sure going to try my best! I love you all and I hope as you go throughout your week that you remember the light that comes from Christ into your life. When you let it.

Love Sister Keller
Mosiah 16:9


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