December 24, 2018




Sister Koford

"I'm going to witch doctor you" -Sister Koford

Well to explain my subject line Sister Koford is my new companion and she is brand new! (yup I am training again...and being an stl at the same time...eek!) I also got sick this week and so Sister Koford decided to play "witch doctor" as she put it and give me herbs and cold medicine. Lol.

So yes I am training and being an stl at the same time! CRAZY!!!!!! I am kind of freaking out to be completely honest but I have survived 5 days so whats 3 more months right? haha needless to say I have a lot on my plate. This is actually the first time in the history of this mission that stl trainer has been a thing but I'm not completely alone. SIster Gunther (my mtc companion) and SIster White are also in this with me! lol it will be interesting thats for sure.

This week was so crazy and stressful but so good! We met Amos' wife BIntu and were able to teach her four times this last week. And then on Sunday Amos recieved the priesthood!!!! Awe yeah. Sister Wiese stole the smurf from me so I had to say goodbye to it for the second time. But this new car the Tiwi doesnt work and we are going to be getting a brand new one in a couple of weeks so Elder Haderlie (The office missionary) doesnt want to fix it. Man it has been so nice to not have a tiwi yelling at me to check my speed....

Well as you all know Christmas is tomorrow! I hope you all have a super duper Merry Christmas!

I want to briefly share my testimony of the Savior for you all which you have probably heard a bunch but whats one more time right?

I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I know that He lives and that He loves me. He has shown His love time and time again and I am so grateful for Him. I am deeply humbled to know that for me He went through the Atonement so that I may change. So that I have the chance to be better and have a clean slate. I am thankful that He was willing to sacrifice Himself for me. At this time of year I think a lot about that little babe in a manager who at the time didn't know what God had in store for Him. But as He grew and came to know his Duty He again willingly accepted to be my Savior and yours. I will forever be grateful for Him, my Brother. Jesus is the Christ. In his name, even Jesus Christ, Amen.

I love you all!

Merry Christmas!

Love Sister Keller


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