December 17, 2018




Sister Morley

Sister Morley: "Oh your dog is so cute!" Old guy walking the dog: "Thanks that's what they used to say to me"

This week was a big week because it was Sister Morleys last one! Ah I can't believe she is going home tomorrow. That means five of my companions are completing their mission tomorrow and I can hardly believe it!

This week was a good one full of finding, teaching, memories and laughter. We were able to pick up two new people with amazing promise. The work here in Ithaca is continuing to chug along! Amos is still doing very well a week after his baptism. His desire to share the gospel has grown so much. He just shines with the light of Christ and the new knowledge he has found. What an incredible sight. We started teaching his wife Bintu who just arrived. She is just as sweet as Amos was back in the beginning.

So here is a reminder to all of you to go out and Light the World! We were able to go with a few families from the Ithaca ward to Carol at an old folks home. It was such a great experience! All of the people were so happy we were there and you could tell it brightened their day. As we went around and talked to them many of them were brought to tears. Its joy like this that truly serving those around you brings. What an amazing opportunity to be ble to serve as our Savior did during this time of year surround by reminders of Him.

So this week is a little crazy. Sister Morley and I just drove to Cortland (Woot woot!) and meet Sister Poulton and SIster Wiese! Holy cow it has only been 5 weeks but I have missed them so much! We did a little switch. Sister Poulton and Sister Morley are now on their way to Utica so they can fly out tomorrow morning bright and early. And Sister Wiese will be joining my in Ithaca for the next few days until transfers!!!!!! YAY!!!!! Oh my goodness just in the hour we have been together I have loved getting to catch up and hear about everything that has happened in Cortland these last few weeks! It has been so much fun and I know these next few days will be a blast. This week we will find out who my new companion will be for this next long 7 week transfer we are about to begin. I am excited to see what this next transfer will bring! But for now I am going to enjoy my time with my sweet Sister Wiese :)

I love you all! Have fun scrambling to get everything done for Christmas! ;)

Love Sister Keller


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