November 26, 2018




Sister Morley

"Sister Keller you have changed"

Wow where do I even begin?

Well in a lesson with the one investigator that is the same as when I left told me that I have changed a lot. I couldn't help but agree. We change everyday whether for the better or the worse. Hopefully as we strive to be like Christ everyday we will become more like Him and have a change of heart.

This week was a good one. Full of laughter and thanksgiving! We had an awesome Thanksgiving this year. We visited a lot of people and enjoyed and array of food! It was awesome to be able to spend thanksgiving with other families when mine is so far away. I am so grateful for the member's here that so lovingly help us missionaries out!

We had our first exchange this week! Sister Sessions who came out a week and a half ago joined me up in Ithaca while Sister Morley went and joined Sister Allred in Horseheads. It was super fun! Sister Sessions and I saw so many miracles including finding 3 new people to teach. (Although they dropped us the next day... regardless it was a miracle. haha we at least got to plant a seed!) She is an amazing missionary already and I know she is going to do wonders this next 18 months of her life.

Also we found this cool building that looks like the Harry Potter castle/bridge so please enjoy the photos haha!

Ithaca is oddly so familiar yet foreign at the same time. Many things have stayed the same yet a lot has changed in the short months I was away. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be back here and to be with Sister Morley who is amazing! Sister Morley and I have learned a lot about relying on the Lord and not ourselves. We have a lot of hard things coming up this week and we realized we needed to stop relying on our own strength and instead rely on the Lord. The Savior provides a strength that can't even compare to the small strength we have on our own. I have come to realize that a big chunk of this life is meant to teach us how to rely on the Saviors Atonement, His love, and the spirit. What an amazing lesson to be learning.

I love you all. Have a great week and enjoy the snow some of you are getting! Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas! (Which is in a month if you didn't realize ;) haha!)

Love Sister Keller

Alma 26:12


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