November 19, 2018




Sister Morley

"Up there eating bagels with Jesus" - An awesome person I know

"You're back!" has been a common theme this week because I am indeed back in Ithaca. Same area and everything! Its weird as heck to be honest. I can't believe I am back in the area where I was trained and stayed for so long. Obviously I didn't get the job done and need to do some more in this awesome area. I am excited to be back in a place I love so much. I've missed Ithaca and it is a bit surreal to be back on streets I know so well. A lot is the same but so much is different as well. A lot people have left and others have replaced them. We are only teaching one person I was teaching when I was here which is actually super fun. Sister Hamblin and I found him back in January or February.

This week was a crazy one needless to say! I left two amazing companions in Cortland not too far away. I love both Sister Wiese and Sister Poulton. I miss them so much already! It is so hard to be so close to them and yet so far away! I am now with Sister Morley who I've actually know my entire mission practically. We have both been each others Stl's before and now we are Stl's together here in Ithaca! It's been fun so far :) I am excited to see what I need to learn from her. Its funny because she actually goes home with most of my other companions. Sister Rawlinson, Sister Jenkins, Sister Miner, Sister Poulton and Sister Morley will all be going home this coming transfer! Sister Hamblin and Sister Wiese will be my only companions still out in the field!

I have a learned so much this week already. A quote I heard this week that really struck me said, "You better want the consequences of what you want". I think often times we want certain things but don't think of the consequences, whether good or bad, that come with that thing. "Life is all about choices" as a man up in the North Country would say. And what we do with those decisions and the consequences there of are so important! Want the good things in life and the benefits that come with it. Like reading the scriptures, going to church and the temple, doing family history work, praying, pondering. All of these things have some of the best consequences I have ever heard. I don't know about you guys but I want the consequences of a gospel centered life focus on my Savior Jesus Christ.

Today we went to Cornell University and climbed the clock tower and listened to the bells as they played songs one of them being " I see the Light" from tangled! Then we were wandering around campus a little and happened upon the Rare Manuscripts library. Which I remembered a lady telling me way back when that Cornell had a first edition Book of Mormon in that department. So we walked down and were able to see a first edition Book of Mormon!!!!! We literally just randomly found it. Led by the spirit more like it. Plus it is seen by appointment but the guy took time out of his schedule to come show us it. Dream come true for sure!

I love you all! Have a great week and stay warm!

Love Sister Keller

p.s. Warning: Its getting cold up here so prepare yourself for emails speckled with complaints about New York winters again haha!


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