November 12, 2018




Sister Wiese

"I dont got no family these are my relatives!"

Subject: "I dont got no family these are my relatives!"

That was the response some guy told us as we told him we are were there talking to people about eternal families... I'm not sure he really knows what the word relative means... but hey to each their own right?

This week Becky told us she needed some space and time to think. It was really hard but we know she will find the gospel eventually. We will see her again after Thanksgiving but I have no idea how that will go. I am praying this time will help her realize how happy the gospel truly made her and strengthen her desire to learn. Only time will tell!

Other than that we all got sick this week. one by one... First it was sister wiese and then sister poulton and now me. We honestly have just tried to get by this week. haha

This week was one of searching for the hidden and small tender mercies. Even though our week wasn't productive numbers wise it was amazing the blessings we saw. There are good times and bad times out here but all of them are just what I need to learn and grow. I know that God doesnt always give us success because we need to know how it is to struggle and scrape by. He needs us to understand what it feels on both sides of the spectrum of life and in this case missionary life. I am grateful for a Heavenly Father who helps me see the world in its entirety bit by bit.

This week is our last few days of being in a trio. I have learned SOMUCH in these last 5 weeks from these Sisters. They were rough but beautiful. I will forever look back on it with fondness.

I hope you all have a great week! Stay Strong!

Love Sister Keller


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