October 22, 2018




Sister Wiese

"My name Is Sister Poulton. I am a missionary from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Prepare to be baptized"

Well this week was interesting that's for sure. Many ups and downs and yet the work of the Lord goes forth as they say.

I'm gonna start with something good that happened this week. That was church this week. We had an awesome high council man speak to us named Don Staton. He is such a good speaker. He can pull scriptures and recite them and the reference like that! He spoke about godliness and how we can develop that Christlike atribute. It was amazing. And then we had gospel principles and we discussed the spirit and had the opportunity to share our testimony of the spirit. It was the perfect lesson for our investigator Becky who came to church again this week. Thats three weeks in a row! She is golden. I am so grateful that God placed her in our path. Its funny because we found her during some of the hardest time here in Cortland. Amazing to look back and see the Hand of the Lord directing you through every moment of your life.

I was very grateful for Sunday because honestly the rest of the week wasn't too great. Cortland is proving to be the refiners fire for us and it ain't fun thats for sure. This week we had one of the people we were teaching die unexpectedly. Her name is Patti and she is an amazing person. She didn't show up to our lesson and usually she would cancel by leaving us a note or calling us. So we immediately thought something might be up. We tried calling and her phone was disconnected. We stopped by a few days later and we noticed some sympathy cards on the porch addressed to Patti's husband that had been opened. Needless to say it put a dark cloud over our heads. I love Patti and her story is amazing. We knew she was sick but never expected her to die so suddenly. Yesterday we got a call from her sister confirming that she had passed away last Saturday early in the morning. That was two days after we had last seen her. I think the thing that has been killing us the most is that her family doesn't know about the plan of salvation. What a blessing it has been to us in this time and I have yearned to be able to share it with Pattis family. The love that God and Christ have for each of us is astounding. It is so apparent when we learn and come to know the truth of the plan they have for us. I know that for some reason Patti needed to go home but I also know that we found her when we needed to. The spirit gave her hope and happiness. She would glow in our lessons as we talked with her about the Book of Mormon. She even started calling it the word! She taught me so many things about the gospel and just life. I will forever be grateful for the impact she made on my life.

So sorry to be all depressing there... but I do have a funny but kinda sad story that happned last night. We got a referral for a sweet lady out in the middle of nowhere. Literally it took us down mulitple dirt roads in the middle of these New York forests. When we arrived at the house we got out of the car and all of a sudden I hear Sister Poulton start to scream. It was intense but in about 10 seconds I saw SIster Poulton scream and jump back in the car while a man cusing came running towards us and a dog barking and growling. Basically to make things short SIster Poulton got attacked by a huge dog. But hey we still gave the referral a Book of Mormon!

Well thats about it for this week. Well other than we all dyed our hair! That was an adventure for sure. My hair is now just more blonde lol. Not much of a change! It was fun though :)

Well I hope you all have a good week! Stay Strong !

Love Sister Keller

1) A blonde, redhead and brunette
2) Matching pjs
5)We got bored for a moment
6) We eat way too much Ice cream despite the cold


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