October 8, 2018




Sister Wiese

"What the.. how in the world did he know?"

A few weeks ago we were talking to our District Leader and what new changes we thought were going to be announced at General Conference. And guess what? He totally guessed it. Our District Leader was banking on 2 hour church and looks like he got his wish! haha but how amazing is it that the Lord is asking us to step up our game. To rise up. The Lord is asking us to follow Him and prepare. And honestly any reperation we do on our own will be nothing compared to the reparation the Lord is helping us with. I am excited to see how these new revelations will strengthen me and my family. It is an exciting time to be on the earth in such a revelatory time. I invite all of you to pray to know what the Lord needs you to do to help His work progress. As you do so I know that you will recieve directions to help your testimony turn into a conversion to the Lord and His restored church here on the earth today.

So trasnfer news! To our shock both SIster WIese and I will be staying here in Cortland! I am no longer training her but we are still companions which is taking some time to adjust too lol. I keep telling her she needed extra training ;) haha! But I am excited to see what the Lord has planned for us and what he needs us to do here in Cortland.

Well I already talked about conference but I want to invite you guys to also go back and start re reading conferenece. We can never catch the magnitude of everything we hear in conferenece the first time. There is more direction and guidance waiting to be found so go find it!

Yup thats all that I can really think of for this week... sorry! I hope you all have a good week though! Stay Strong!

Love Sister Keller

1) Fall colors
2) My favorite picture ever
3) Had to have at least one picture of us lol
4) super cool little shop in the tiniest town ever
5) Yup we were just as confused as you are
6) Matching Harry Potter pjs!(Also notice my Harry potter shirt lol go big or go home)


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