October 1, 2018




Sister Wiese

"I'm in Heaven! I watch Cable!"

So we were walking down the street early this week when a man we have talked to before starts to have a conversation with us. Only he is accross this street and its a noisy street so he is literally yelling at us so we can hear. He talked about a lot of things like "I'm religious! But I dont like politics! ( insert other political stuff Im not allowed to talk about ) I'm Saved! Im gonna live til I'm 100! I'm in Heaven! I watch cable!" Ah the people of New York. OH how Iove them.

Well this week was a pretty good one. We found a new investigator named Becky who is the sweetest lady ever. We had Patty come to church and she enjoyed it. Michelle and the two boys came to sacrament as well which is a huge step for them!

We also had exchanges for Sister Wiese first time.... as 12 weeks comes to a close she finally got an exchange and it was awesome. We went up to the Cuse. Otherwise known as Syracuse. The place where if you say you are from there people look at you shocked that you survived lol. Needless to say its a bit sketchy but amazing. There are so many good people that are prepared and ready for the gospel! It was so much fun to be in a city! That is my dream to serve in one of the main cities for just one transfer and I would be happy. haha who knows what will happen with this next trasnfer... Exchanges was also fun becuase Sister Jenkins, one of my past comps, is one of my Stl's. It was just like old times and we had fun just remembering back on our Canton days. I miss all those poeple in the North Country!

Well that is about it for the week. I hope you guys have an amazing week! My little thought for this week is about hope. It is a fun topic to study and I encourage you to do so. One of my favorite things about hope is that it means to have confidence, or abiding trust. So to have confidence in the Savior. Having confidence that He loves you, understands and cares for you. When you start to develop hope you start to recognize the light of Christ more fully in your life. And honestly you are just happier! I invite all of you to be a little bit more hopeful about something this week and watch as the Lord fills your life with His light .

Love Sister Keller

1) yup that's actually the name of a place in new York
2) Exchanges
3) The district
4) Sister Wiese being a dork
5) 1890 house that looks like a castle!


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