September 24, 2018




Sister Wiese

"Okay! I admit it.... it's Fall" - Sister Wiese

Needless to say the weather has been cooling down over here in New York. The leaves are starting to change and you can just feel fall in the air. We have been in major denial because that just means the snow is around the corner. Soon enough you will all be blessed to hear me complain about the snow and cold again! So get ready because it is coming faster than I care to admit! But I will say I love the fall season and I can't wait to see the beautiful colors of New York. You all should be getting some pictures in the next couple of weeks!

This week was a good one full of driving out to the far reaches of our area. We found new investigators, did service and spread this amazing gospel to the people of New York. We even did it with out copies of the Book of Mormon. Why? Because they forgot to give us our new supplies so we have been trying our best to find random copies anywhere we could get them! I remember when I first got out here to New York and I thought handing out a Book of Mormon was the hardest thing ever. My trainer would hand out like 2 or 3 a day and I thought I never could do that. Now we dont have enough because we are handing them out like candy. You would think everyone in the world would have one by now because of how many we hand out as missionaries accross the globe!

This week we had a church tour with one of our new Invetigators named Brittany. She is amazing and the sweetest girl ever. We feel amazing about her and are so excited to be part of her journey towards her Savior and Father in Heaven. It is so fun to see the spark of excitement in someones eyes when you first introduce them to the gospel. And then you help that spark until in grows into a flame that can't be put out. This truly is a "great and marvelous work"!

Well my dear family and friends, I love you all. I hope you know that and that you know God loves you. This week I have been thinking about the sacrament and the importance of it in our lives. I've probably talked about it before but it is worth repeating becauseof its significance in our lives. That moment when you get to make a covenant with your Heavenly Father is one very dear. One to be cherished and remembered. The sacrament should be given the same respect and reverance as the ordinances of the temple. They are all ordinances and covanents that help us along this path of life. The Sacrament is for you. For you to grow, learn and change. Don't pass up the opportunity of showing that outward sign of your inward committment to God. I invite all of you to truly prepare for the sacrament and the important promise you will make this coming week.

I love you! Keep smiling!

Love Sister Keller

Moroni 6:5-6

1) hammocking
2) Fire bread
3) Fall colors!
4) Sister Wiese parents are the best. They literally sent us Bluetooth keyboards for emailing
5) We love Sister Burger! (And Brother Burger haha)


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