September 17, 2018




Sister Wiese

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Hello humans how are all of you this week? Okay that was a weird way to start an email but it's too late now...

Anyway... this week was a good one for the books that's for sure! We saw Patty again twice this week which was awesome. Her husband and her are reading the book of Mormon everyday and are already in 2 Nephi! They are on fire!

We also found a new investigator who we actually found one of our first days here in Cortland and we finally sat down and taught her the restoration. She took it super well and we are excited to see how this week goes when we see her again!

We also had zone conference this week in Syracuse and Elder Hamilton of the Seventy was there with his wife (who is a complete sweetheart). It was an awesome zone conference and there were double the missionaries because we combined with another zone. Sister Wiese found out her mtc companion was going home though due to illness which was super sad but she is gonna come back out! We know it! Sister Vest had her leave her luggage here so she has to come back and get it (; Haha! We also found out we will not be getting another car anytime in the near future. We were hoping we would get one at zone conference so that was depressing news.... But on the bright side we get lots of exercise!

This week I have been thinking a lot about forgiveness. It's a hard thing to forgive someone else as well as forgive ourselves! Yet it is something that is so freeing when we develop a spirit of forgiveness. I invite all of you to pray for forgiveness when you may be upset with or resentful towards. I promise you that when you do the spirit of the Lord will fill your hearts and a weight will be lifted from your shoulders. I know that forgiveness can be the key to finding more happiness in life. It is something I strive for and have seen help me during this mission.

I love you all so much! Keep on being the awesome people you are!

Love Sister Keller

D&C 64:10


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