September 10, 2018




Sister Wiese

"People ride lawnmowers here like they do fourwheelers...."-Sister Wiese

Hello everyone! Man this week was pretty normal to be honest. We had a few fun experiences.

First at our District council this last week the Sister Training Leaders came to do a training and make an announcement. One of my past companions, Sister Jenkins, is the STL so I got to see her! I haven't seen her for about 4 1/2 months! Crazy how it's been that long. It was so fun to catch up and just say hi again! They also announced that as a mission we are going to read 5 pages of the book of Mormon everyday. So each day Sister Wiese and I read for about 30 minutes in the Book of Mormon thinking about how we can become more consecrated to our purpose as missionaries. And the whole mission is doing it together. Hopefully it will help our mission to become more unified and better instruments in the Lord's hands :)

We also we tracted in this little hamlet of Hartford this week and this little girl was riding her bike around the loop the road made. Her name is Dolores and she is adorable. She went around a few times and then stopped and asked what we were doing. We told her and she decided to tag along at every single door. She helped us knock, leave pass along cards and she told us about who lived in the house before we went to the door lol. It was weird knowing what to expect before the person answered the door. Lol! She could be a future missionary for sure!

Well guys that's all I have for this week! I hope all have a great week! Also if you didn't hear, the New church history called Saints came out this week and it is amazing. I would invite all of you to go read it! Your love for the gospel and the restoration of it will grow as you read it. I love this gospel and for a loving Heavenly Father who gave me the opportunity to find it. Its a great day to be a Latter Day Saint!

Love Sister Keller

1) Cool drive way of this awesome lady named Sheryl
2) lawnmower = car
3) Rolling Hills of New York
4) Sister Wiese and I
5) Walking in the rain!


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