September 3, 2018




Sister Wiese

"And it's just a whole bunch of joy!"

Good morning!

Well this week was an adventure that's for sure. I forgot to explain my subject line last week but basically we are in what's called a car share for the next who knows how long. Which means every week we will be switching the car with the elders. An elder down in the Ithaca walk area became a zone leader which means he needed a car. So they took the Cortland elders car and gave it to him. Which means one week the Cortland elders will have the truck and we will walk and then vice versa. So this last week sister Wiese and I walked....and walked...... and walked.... the song Pioneer children sang as they walked was stuck in my head all week! Lol.

We are making progress with a few of our investigators this week which is so fun to see! Small baby steps are still steps toward a loving Heavenly Father.

So this week we helped Art and Betty find some family names to take to the temple. We actually found a lot of Bettys family who she never knew! And then they got to go to the temple on Saturday with the ward. It was such a cool experience for them. Betty couldn't stop talking about the feeling she got as she walked through those doors. It was amazing to see the light that was in her eyes as she told everybody at church about it. They were both able to be baptized for their parents which I'm sure was a sweet experience. We were sad we couldn't be there with them but we are so grateful they got the opportunity to go. The temple truly is a Special place where we can go to feel the spirit no matter what. Answers are found there. Tears are dried. Doubts flee. The temple is where Heaven meets Earth. I love the temple and wish I could spend all week there! I invite all of you to make an extra effort this month of September to go to the temple. At the very least just to sit in the parking lot and let God give you the peace, comfort, love and answers you need. It is such a privilege to be a member of this church and be able to have the knowledge of the temple.

I love you all! Have a great week and stay strong!

Love Sister Keller


1 and 2) We got to ride in one of our investigators convertable. Best. Ride. Ever.
3) We do service at a thrift store and they asked us to destroy some furniture and throw it in the dumpster. we obviously had some fun with it. Lol
4) Food from Garcia's. The only Mexican food in Cortland.
5 Just me :)


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