August 27, 2018




Sister Wiese

You don't realize what you got till it's gone

Wow was this one busy week thats for sure! This week we worked hard and got out and taught a lot of lessons. A lot of our investigators are progressing slowly but still progressing. We have a cool experience from Sunday. Basically we were able to spend it with our mission president and his family. They came to our our church this last Sunday because our Bishop asked them too. They spoke in sacrament meeting and then we had interviews with President and Sister Vest. They were our transfer interview and they went really well. Something that has always impressed me about President Vest, and continues to, is how he teaches by example. He's teaching all of us to be exactly obedient when in return he's being exactly obedient to his leaders. He gave me some of advice I would love to give to all of you. He told me to always listen to the Prophet hints. Don't wait for him to say "Thus saith the Lord" and then do it. Do it before, when he suggested do something listen closely to the prophets words or any leaders words. Be exactly obedient in the beginning. President Vest is striving to do just that with our mission and am grateful to be able to stand by him at this time.

After church the Vests fed us lunch and we are part of their family meal. It was so much fun and it felt like being home. All the kids were all talking and sharing stories. We talked about where we are from. And they really just helped us feel of their love that they have for us missionaries. We were able to share a message with them afterwards which I've never done before and it was kind of scary. But was an awesome experience to be able to spend that time with President and Sister Vest and their sweet kids. I'm so grateful for everything that they do for us. Mission presents are truly inspired. I know that President Rogers was supposed to be my mission present for the first half of my mission and the present Vest is now supposed to be my mission present for the rest of it. I'm so grateful for everything I've learned from both of these amazing men and their families.

So a really cool experience from this week I'd love to share with all of you. A few weeks ago sister Wiese and I were tracting a street. We knocked on this one door and no one answered so we left a card and started making our way to the next house. We are about half way up the next driveway when the door to the last opened and a sweet lady called us back. We ended up talking to her and her husband for a few minutes. She told us that she just couldn't make it to the door fast enough thats why she didnt answer. But she knew we were there and that we were there for her. We gave her our number and she told us to come back in the afternoon in a few days. So a few days later we knocked on her door again but no one answered. We waited extra time just in case but still no one came to the door so we left them a note and were on our way. We thought nothing of it. That's something very usual in missionary work. When we have a return appointment and it falls through. So we went on our way. About a week later after we left the note we got a call from a random number. We weren't able to answer the phone right away so we got a message and it was from the sweet lady. She told us that she has been in the hospital and that's why she hadn't been home but she got our note and she wanted us to come by. So we called her and set up a new appointment and stopped by this last Saturday. When we came she was all ready with her Bible right in front of her with some note cards with a pen. You could see the dedication in their eyes that she was ready to learn and she was excited. We taught her about the restored gospel, Joseph Smith and the power the Book of Mormon. She took it all in, patiently listening to everything that we said. At the end of the lesson she shared what happened the day that we knocked on her door. She Said her husband and her read the Bible every morning and night together. They've been discussing how they had never read the Book of Mormon and how they should. They wanted to know whether it could shed more light on their Heavenly Father. They decided to pray for help to know how they could receive the Book of Mormon. About 20 minutes after their prayer we knocked on the door.

This was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had on this mission. To see so blatantly the hand of the Lord in His work. It truly is a marvelous work to be a part of. I'm so grateful for the opportunity that I have to be here in New York and be able to fulfill his will. There's no doubt in my mind that this sweet woman is one of the reasons why Sister Wiese and I were sent to Cortland. We were meant to find her and I'm excited to see what the future holds.

I love you all. I hope you have a fantastic week! Continue to look for the hand of the Lord in your life. He is mindful of you always.

Love Sister Keller


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