August 20, 2018




Sister Wiese

Subject: "Hello llds!"

Okay peeps I don't have much time this week (again) but here is the update!

This week was good we had the opportunity to go and do service at a members house. We ended up getting the tour of her old dairy farm. It was so cool. We helped her paint her garage. It was fun to be out in the country side. This week we also had our last district meeting. It's super weird to think that the transfer is already over. It's been a really good transfer. Sister Wiese and I have had a lots of good memories and I'm excited to spend another one with her. We won't know transfer news until Tuesday. We have a new policy where we will find out about transfers the night before. But we're pretty sure that we're both staying this transfer.

My thought for this week is about a miracle that happened. About a week ago I lost a bracelet that a recent convert had given me back in Ithaca. I know it's very cliche story but I lost it and I freaked out. We searched all over for it. We couldnt find it anywhere. A few days passed and I had pretty much given up hope but I kept praying that I might find it. It just a small bracelet but it's the memories that contains that I love and cherish so much. A few days ago we had left our apartment. we have been working on leaving our apartment on time. That night we did and we are walking out to the car and when I looked down I found my bracelet. It was just laying there on the ground. It was insane that it actually stayed there because It had been almost a week and it has rained multiple times since then. For me I saw it as blessing of being obedient to do something simple like getting out of the apartment on time. Its so amazing how God cares about the little things that we care about. We can pray for his help with anything whether it be finding something, helping us through different challenges in life, or just learning new knowledge. He loves us and he'll always answer. even if it takes a few days for us to find the answer. But the thing about miracles is that they come after we exercise our faith. Faith proceeds miracles. We have to first have faith in God then take a step of faith to be able to see the miracles in our life. I want to invite all of you to find a something in your life that you can have more faith in. I promise you that as you develop that faith throughout your life, you'll start to recognize the daily miracles God gives you.

Moroni 7: 41-42

Love Sister Keller

P.s. our mission leader started calling us the llds. (Lady latter day saints) lol.


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