August 6, 2018




Sister Wiese

"The only problem I have with the Mormons are those polygamous out there in Utah" - Random lady

Another great week in the books!

This week was a good one full of little miracles all around.

We found some new service at a cute assisted living place where we help give manicures to the cute little ladies. It is the most random service but by far one of my favorites. It was so much fun to talk to these ladies and hear about their lives. Their eyes shine with memories that bring a special joy in their life. It definitely brightens my day to talk to them!

One of our recent converts of a couple months received the priesthood on Sunday! He is a 12 year old little kid and his sister and mom are members. We are now teaching his dad! Which is really exciting. They are an amazing family and they all came to church together which has never really happened before. It was a big step for that cute family!

Art and Betty fed us dinner this last week and it was awesome. They are some of my favorite people in Cortland. They never cease to make me laugh at some point in our lessons!

We ran into a lady that we talked to a few weeks ago the other night. She came right up to us and told us about how that day we helped her a lot. She was having a bad day and talking with us and then being able to look at our card as she walked away helped her feel God's love. It was awesome! We were able to testify to her of God's love and that she can feel that love all the time. It is amazing to have those moments when you come to the knowledge that you helped someone when you didn't even realize it. We are constantly having an influence on others lives. Our choice is whether we are going to have a good influence versus a bad one. Even something as simple as taking a moment to talk to someone for a minute can make the worlds difference. Be that person that "paints a bright spot on someone's soul today"- Thomas S. Monson.

I love you all! I hope you have a great week and remember to smile!

Stay Strong,

Sister Keller

D&C 4:6

1)When you land the cap
2)KFC for dinner courtesy of the Wallaces
3)Out in the New York "mountains"
4)Odd amount of cats (about 7 more aren't pictured )
5&6) Cool Graveyard in our area
7) New York wild life ❤


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