July 30, 2018




Sister Wiese

"The last time I let the Mormons in, one of them married my granddaughter" -Random Guys door we knocked on

Hello everyone!!

So this week was insane. With some new developments in the mission we have received new guidelines. We are going back to the basics of the white handbook. Which I am honestly excited about. I know that as we are not only obedient but Exactly Obedient that the Lord is going to bless us with Miracles. The work is going to progress as the whole mission becomes more united in being obedient . I am looking forward to the future and the future people we are able to bring into this restored gospel.

We had zone conference this week which was so fun to see all the sisters. right now my trainer Sister Rawlinson is in my zone which is the best thing ever! I love her so much and it is so fun to be serving around her again :)

Cortland is doing very well. We are constantly finding new people to teach. WE actually gave this cute family a tour of the church today and they are adorable! It is super hard to get in contact with them but they are just moving at their pace. right now we are working a lot with Bertha. She is in a rough situation so we have been focusing on getting her in holy places. Helping her be in an environment where the spirit can be felt. It has made me recognize how important it is to have a place where I can go and feel the spirit. There are lots of places that can be just that for use. The temple, church, our homes, somewhere out in nature. All of them can be holy places if we make them that way. I want to invite all of you to find or make a places where you can feel the spirit. A place you can find refuge in. It makes a worlds difference in a world that doesn't have may places like that.

I love you all! I hope you have a great week!

Love Sister Keller

Scripture for this week is that one that says "Stand in holy places and be not moved". I don't have a reference because I can't remember where it is and I don't have time to look it up... sorry!


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