July 23, 2018




Sister Wiese

"I'm gonna give you a knuckle sandwich!"

Hello Everyone!

This week was a good one as always :) We have been doing a lot of finding and teaching as possible and the Lord has definitely blessed us in our efforts. We have an investigator named Bertha who came to church this week and keeps telling everyone she is getting baptized! Lol so she is doing good and progressing pretty good. We are excited for her. We also found this awesome lady named Misty and she is adorable. She has the cutest little family ever. The work is picking up here in Cortland every day. We come home at the end of the night practically running to our beds! haha

So some of you may have notice but I have been spelling Cortland wrong lately. We thought it was spelt with a U and lo and behold about two or three days ago we realized we have been spelling it wrong this entire time. oops! New Yorker spell and say words weird... I still haven't gotten used to it!

This week we went to Auburn for District Meeting which is about an hour away. It is kind of crazy we have to drive that far for our district meeting. Even up in the North Country we only had to drive about 20 minutes. It was a pretty drive though and we got to see more of New York! I love the little towns here in New York. They are so beautiful and rich with history.

We also went to a ward party this Saturday and guess what we did... we played softball! Best. Night. Ever. Holy cow it fulfilled my longing for playing softball this year! haha everyone saw a piece of how competitive I am in those moments.... It was so much fun and I got to know a lot of the ward members during that time. Betty ( a recent convert) kept telling me she was going to boo at me when I missed a ball while batting. When she never got that chance she told me she was gonna give me a knuckle sandwich. Haha I love her!

Well I know more things happened this week but I can't quite remember what they were... all I know is that we have been pretty booked and this next week is looking like a good one! We have zone conference and exchanges this week so its a bit packed! We aren't going to be in our area for about 2 days which is a crazy amount of time.

I want to share a thought from my studies this morning. I am reading a talk called "The Fourth Missionary" By Lawrence E Corbridge and I really liked something he has been talking about. He shared the Scripture 1 Cor 13:1-3. ( I would invite you all to read it!) I have come to realize as I read this talk this morning and ponder about my mission so far that you truly only get what you put into life and the mission. We can go about doing good our entire lives, we can give to the poor, help the needy and sick and yet we can still profit nothing from it. We can do all these good things in the world but if our heart and mind and not in it, it does nothing. There is the Scripture in D&C 4 that we recite every day that says " O ye that embark in the service of God, See that ye serve him with all your heart , might, mind and strength that ye may stand blameless before God at the last day." We can serve with all our might and strength and yet not put our mind to it. It is when we put our mind and heart into our work of Becoming like Christ that we start to change. It is about having the desire to do good and follow God's will. Brother Corbridge says" The Purpose and central blessing of life is change. It is to be changed to become more like Jesus Christ. It is to incorporate into your character, the qualities of His character". I would like to invite you all to think about how you can better put all your heart and mind into become as the Savior. Dont merely do good things because you should. Do them because you want to do them. Because you want to become as the Savior is. I promise that as you put all your heart, might , mind and strength into becoming as the Savior is you will start to see the greater picture. You will come to recognize the measure of your divine potential as a Son and Daughter of God.

I love you all! Have a great week. and Stay Strong!

Love Sister Keller


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