June 4, 2018




Sister Miner

His Mission

This week was awesome! As always :) There is something about going and teaching people about the gospel. It brings a special light into your life :)

This week we had MLC and it was amazing. It was President and Sister Rogers last one.... my heart is breaking over the fact that they are leaving but I know our new mission president is what this Mission needs. Change is scary but I am excited to see the miracles that will come with this changes as well.

Thursday night we stayed with one of the office senior couples, Elder and Sister Roach, and so we took the Elders truck. It was like a holiday on the mission driving one of the trucks. Lol there are only like 5 in the entire mission and only the zone leaders have them. So we had a ton of fun stealing their car for the night :)

Because we drove down to Utica again we had to stop in Syracuse to get Chickfila. I think that has become one of my favorite parts about going to MLC. Sister Miner hasn't had Chickfila for a year! You all probably think I am crazy but you miss the weirdest things on the mission. Chickfila being one of them.

The work is going well up here in the North Country. Sister Miner and I are working at finding new people to teach. It has been slowing down with school ending and half of the already nothing population leaving for the summer. But we know that the Lord will bless us with people to find!

Last week President Rogers talked to us about how this isn't our mission. It is the Lord's mission. As a missionary my job is to become an instrument in the Lords hand to bring his work to pass. It isn't about me but it is all about the Lord. When we center ourselves and focus on the Lord, that is when the miracles start happening. Because when we come to recognize we are helping him in His mission then we are truly giving our heart and will to the Lord. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve Him in His mission.

I Love you all!

Love Sister Keller

D & C 31:7


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