May 28, 2018




Sister Miner

"Is that a frog??? Can I hold it?"

Hello Everyone!

So this week was so much fun! We had a lot of good laughs and some good memories going in the books. But that is every single day with Sister Miner. We never stop laughing! The elders actually asked us a few weeks ago if we ever did stop laughing... haha we are just having fun! No harm in that :)

So this week the Biggest thing that happened was our new investigators James and Lauren came to church! It was amazing and they loved it. They are progressing so much and they just love the gospel. It is one of the coolest things to watch. A child of God coming to know the truth of who they are. Finding out about a loving Heavenly Father and then making the actions to develop that relationship. They texted us all the time about miracles they have seen in their lives since meeting us. They make me so happy :) Vernon is still doing fantastic. It is so much fun to see his knowledge grow each week. Ciara is also doing great. She is finally done with school and ready for summer haha.

This last Saturday was probably one of the best nights of my mission for a few reasons. We went to the Bellingers for a potluck get together with a few families in the Branch and James and Lauren. They were able to meet some of the branch members and they said they and a good time. It was perfect :) I also caught my first frog ever! It was so hard in a dang skirt and my shoe got stuck in the mud but it was worth it. (All I've seen in New York so far are dead frogs squished on the road...) By the end of the night I was walking through this huge field (in danger of getting a tick) with all these little kids looking for frogs. All together we caught about 10. One jumped into the fire and almost commit suicide but we saved it. But it might have died by now.... And I also got to hit a ball! haha I played baseball with the kids too. Best thing ever. I have been missing softball a lot lately and that was a tender mercy for sure. We also made s'mores. Its been a fat minute since I have made one of those. Overall it was a great night :)

So for the news you all truly want to hear... (See how I made you wait till the end? haha) Transfer News. First, My zone Leader Elder Wright is the new Assistant to the President! Its funny 3 of my 5 zl's have been Ap's now. Kinda crazy! Sister Jenkins is training and I am so excited for her! Sister Miner and I are staying in Canton for one more! Woot woot! The party continues! I'll probably leave next transfer but for now I am staying up here in the North Country! :)

Its funny I always say this is going to be short and it never is.... maybe that should be my goal, make them short. OH well :) For this week I wanted to share a scripture I have been thinking about a lot. 1 Nephi 7: 17-18. Sometimes God doesn't always answer our prayers in the way we are expecting but he ALWAYS does answer.

I love you all! Stay Strong!

Love Sister Keller


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