April 9, 2018




Sister Jenkins

I want the brick back


So this week was insane but one of the greatest weeks ever! Lets start with the awesome stuff first! Ciara got baptized!!!!!! I forgot to mention last week so sorry about that but she got baptized this last Saturday and it was amazing! it was so much fun to see her make this decision and to learn and grow. Being on the front row seat is truly a blessing of being a missionary. She is so strong and has a beautiful testimony. I am so happy and excited for her!

We also had exchanges this week! The Watertown Sisters, Sister Wilde and Sister Nelson, came up and it was amazing. While they were here we had 40 to 60 mph winds which was a bit crazy. I have never experienced that kind of wind. Granted I have never experienced a lot of the weather patterns here in New York. I felt like that cartoon guy in the "spiritual whirlwinds" video on ( If you haven't seen it you should look it up it is really good!) Just the entire exchange was amazing and a lot of fun.

We also got smartphones this last week. The rest of the mission will be getting them this week. It is a bit crazy. Can I just say I never thought I would miss our old brick phone but I do now. They are nice but it is going to take a few months to fully get them all up and running which is going to be a bit rough. Planning has been a bit difficult but I know it will get better with time. It has been weird to have a phone. I honestly forgot how to use it! I've been relearning all the tricks and shortcuts. One thing is for sure.... the camera is my favorite part so far. I will be the first to admit I have missed Selfies even though I have gotten pretty good at them with a camera. haha!

We also went to Chickfila this week on our way down to MLC. Dreams come true. 7 long months have come and gone. And I finally had Chickfila again!

Well overall this week was stressful but amazing. I have seen the hand of the Lord working in these peoples lives here in Canton. It is one of the best things to see that Light of Christ in someone grow. I love these people and this time I have to be a missionary!

I Love you all! Have a fantastic week! Go be the light in someones life :)

Acts 5:41-42


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