February 26, 2018




Sister Hamblin

Snow, Rain, Sunshine, Repeat

As I have mentioned many times before... the weather here is crazy. One day it will snow 5 inches, then next it will rain and the next will be a beautiful sunshiny day. But I can't complain because that one day of sunshine is enough to put me in the best mood ever. I love New York. Have I mentioned that before? Even in the winter it is beautiful. Today we went to Buttermilk falls and it was gorgeous. Because the snow was melting the waterfall was very full. I think that is one of my favorite parts about Ithaca. The Waterfalls and gorges. I just wish I could see them in the Summer!

This week we got rid of our beloved couch. We gave it to one of our investigators, Erika. They haven't had furniture since I got here and their little girls were so excited to get a couch. When we went and delivered it to this cute family we were able to get a return appointment which we have been struggling with for awhile. It was a mini miracle but one that made all the difference! To replace our couch in the mail yesterday we got some camping chairs. They are actually pretty nice. I was expecting the 5 dollar ones from Walmart and was pleasantly surprised :)

A couple other miracles that happened this week: Chen, our new Chinese investigator, came to church this week! As did Mengxi. The talks they heard were perfect for both of them and the different things they are going through. We also were trying a potential named Malcolm. He is from Ethiopia and his family is the sweetest little family you will ever meet. We ended up having an amazing discussion with his family and his wife slowly opened up and joined our conversation. She is so cute. She told she joined the protestant church for 2 weeks because she liked the music. haha! I love her. We also got to see Anesia again and her 3 kids. Two of her kids prayed during our lesson and we got them to watch the restoration video as we were leaving.

This week I have learned a lot about finding joy in EVERY moment. We had a lot of setbacks and disappointments this week and yet they are dim in comparison to the small miracles we found in spite of those. God is truly leading us and guiding us everyday. Whether we understand it or not, he is there. And if are every confused all we have to do is ask. I was reading in 1 Nephi 18 this morning and came across verse 8. I encourage all of you ask you that same question Nephi is asking is brethren. I promise you that if you do as Nephi directs that nothing will seem impossible. It is when we fully put out trust in the Lord that He is able to fully direct our paths.

I love you! Have a fantastic week!

Love Sister Keller

We found a park today and decide to be 8 year olds again...
Also here is a picture of Kim a recent convert and one of my favorite people here in Ithaca. And Donna, Shawn and Jake :)

And I finally took a picture by the Welcome to Ithaca sign. Only took me 6 months to do it....


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