February 12, 2018




Sister Hamblin

Shoveling snow for days

This week it has been snowing... a lot. So we have been shoveling...a lot. Haha it has been a lot of fun though to help so many people shovel their snow. We've probably shoveled upwards of 7 or 8 driveways in about 3 days but holy cow it was amazing. We met and talked with people that probably wouldn't have ever talked to us if the situation was different. We met a Rabbi whose wife gave us Hot coco. We met the Witherspoon family who actually know some of the bishopric and I was able to teach him a little bit more about our church. It is so cool how service opens up a doorway for teaching these people about the restored gospel. And the funny thing was, every person we helped we happened to drive by and see them right when they were starting. So we helped them with the entire driveway. I can definitely see God's hand in this amazing work I have the blessing of being a part of.

So the cute Chinese investigator, Yanhui, who taught us how to write in Chinese has many talents we never knew about. This week she cut out our profile in a piece of paper just by looking at our profiles. How crazy is that? And they were super good! #HiddenTalents We also met a lady from Cambodia and started teaching her. There is a language barrier with her as well which is hard but something I have kind of gotten used to. Even though there is a barrier the spirit is still there in the lessons. Helping all these people feel of the Love God has for them. Its beautiful :)

There is a deaf man that comes into one of the service food pantry we do and I love him! His name is Charles and I finally got a picture with him this week. Every time he comes in her just starts signing to me telling me about his week. He is the sweetest man ever. I also had the opportunity to eat chicken feet soup this week. There is a few lovely pictures of that. When I got called to New York I was relieved I wouldn't have to eat weird foods and yet here I am eating chicken feet. Granted I know I could have had it in Utah but still....

Well that is about it for this week! I love this work with all my heart. I finished the Book of Mormon this week and have looked back at everything I have learned. It is amazing the spirit that comes into your life when you make scripture study a regular part of your day. I love the Book of Mormon. I used to make fun of missionaries that would come home from their missions and say the Book of Mormon was their favorite book. (I know not very Christ like of me) But now I completely understand what they meant. This Book changes lives. You just have to let it. Go take up the book of Mormon today and read it! God wanted us to have it. He wanted you to have. Go figure out why :)

I love you all! Have a fabulous week! :)

Love Sister Keller

Mosiah 14:3-5


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