February 5, 2018




Sister Hamblin

Chinese Caligraphy

Hello everybody! How are you all doing on this fine day?

Well here in Upstate New York it is about 15 degrees with an intense wind that makes it feel like 5 degrees... We had to vacuum the car today and froze to death but we are alive! Haha this week has been a good one. Sister Hamblin and I both got sick which was a bit of a downer but we didn't stop working! We actually told our mission presidents wife we went tracting in the cold while we were sick and she got mad at us ( oops! ) haha but we're fine so its all good! :) Our president came down to Ithaca so we ended up having surprise interviews with him this week but it was much needed. It was weird to have our interview so early in the transfer but I think it was exactly what we needed. I ended talking with him for awhile and afterwards Sister Hamblin told me that I always have long interviews with President. I guess I just need extra help lol. #Problemchild I've also come to realize that I have become more addicted to hashtags then ever before. My companion pointed it out awhile ago and has now picked up the habit. #sucker.

This week I learned how to write in Chinese! One of our investigator teaches Chinese Calligraphy and so she taught us how to write our names in Chinese as a thank you. We even used legit brushes like the ones you see in Mulan. It was one of the coolest things ever. She also taught us about more of Chinese culture and the tradition of the Spring Festival or Chinese New Year. I absolutely love her!

We also had a lesson with Vivi, an investigator from China, this week and it went really well. We meet with her on Cornell campus in her laboratory. Its weird the places you end up on a mission. Anyway she came to institute that night but had a hard time understanding because everyone talks so fast. I think she gets discouraged because it sometimes takes her a second to understand fully. But she is still coming to church every week (thats 3 weeks in a row now!) and she has such a strong desire to come to know God. She just needs help recognizing God's love for her. Which is slightly similar to another Chinese investigator we are teaching. Her name is Mengxi and we had a lesson which her last night. She ended up telling us the reason she first met with us is because she didn't know how to reject us. lol. And then she told us that she has some friends from Hong Kong that don't like Mormons at all and so she wanted to gain her own opinion. Boy did that make my heart start to race. I started to think back on all our interactions and just pray that she likes us. She never told us her opinion so that is yet to come... haha but she is a sweet heart. We will see where is goes with her!

I just realized all my stories are with our Chinese investigators. Haha we do teach other people as well but to be honest it feel like we are constantly running into people from China. I never thought I would be teaching people from China on my mission yet here I am! We also are teaching a sweet woman named Anesia and her kids. She is such a strong woman and has so much faith already. She has turned into one of our strongest investigators. I love her and I am excited for what lies ahead for her!

Well I have to be off... I hope you all have a fantastic week! Don't forget to stand up for what you believe. You never know the impact you will have on someones life when you do :)

p.s. we also were told we have to get rid of our couch because of a bed bug risk... I am still in denial.


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