January 22, 2018




Sister Hamblin

Hello My Name Is Sister Keller And I Am A Sugar Addict

So far I have only had two companions and both have told me that I am addicted to candy and chocolate in specific. I like to think that I am just blessed to have so much candy courtesy of my mom and many members from Christmas. Sister Hamblin just tells me I am in denial. All that candy is going to take me till Easter to finish. Haha anyway this week was amazing. I love being a missionary and I don't want it to end! Transfers is coming up this week and lo and behold I am staying another transfer in Ithaca. I wasn't expecting to leave because Sister Hamblin still has one more transfer of training to go :) So I get to stay in my beautiful Ithaca a little while longer. But I will admit 6 months in one area is a long time. I am kind of ready for a change but it is not in the cards this transfer so I am going to enjoy my time here! Cornell is back in session this week so the population of Ithaca has officially doubled. It weird with everyone back! I forgot how many people live here! Its exciting though because it just means now there are more opportunities to find people and change their lives! So 5 Elders form our district are leaving so basically the entire district is changing except for Sister Hamblin and I and one other Elder. We also found out AP Edgecomb is our new District Leader... eek! He is gonna whip us into to shape for sure! Lol.

This week the Elders Investigator Kim got baptized and it was amazing. Its a funny story because she has been investigating for a year and a half. And the Elder ( Elder Vorkink, our Zone leader) that found her got to baptize her! She is amazing and I have gotten to know her really well over the last few months. She is so strong and is going to do amazing things in her life! For her baptism the old CES couple came back. The Devlins. They are a legend here in Ithaca, specifically Sister Devlin and her cooking skills. SO it was fun to put a face to the name :)

We are doing really good right now with all of our investigators. We have found a few new ones and have a ton of people to teach. Its kind of crazy! Hopefully we will see some awesome miracles in the future!

I hope everyone has a great week! Even though we don't all have a badge bearing Christs name on our chest we have one on our hearts. Don't be afraid to show your love for the Savior with others. I love you all!

2 Nephi 22:2

Pictures : Sister Hamblins mom made me wool socks and the other pictures are of a building on Cornell campus that remind me of Hogwarts :) Also a random picture of a shopping cart and some crutches... lol


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